WWII – A Woman’s War, Part 2

by Lesley

WW II – Woman’s War II

As we approach the full moon in October 2014 and I reflect on all that’s happened in the past month, I’m further intrigued by the message from the ‘Woman with the Staff’, referred to in my last post, A Woman’s War.
I’ve been acutely aware of the inspiration and surge towards ‘progression’ – a massive outcry against inequality and justice. I’ve also been particularly sensitive to propagated negativity coming from all angles – some quite unexpectedly.

I spend much of my time in solitude, working away at this and that – earning my crust in whatever interesting ways I can; one day I’m brokering for CBN, another delivering a training workshop or the next I could be helping to develop a business growth strategy – but I too have been affected by the austerity measures being taken in the UK, after the financial crises.

No longer can my transformational techniques be easily delivered where they’re needed most – to people struggling with addictions or trauma in communities – or in prisons to turn the inmates’ lives around. The funding’s all been taken care of – with many charities stuck in the cycle of applying for the next year’s bounty – in reality, all vying against each other for the same pot of money.

As people the length and breadth of the UK are relying on Foodbanks to keep their children fed, I count myself lucky!
In this year we should see no need for Foodbanks springing up in every town – in a year when we enter another costly and immoral war. A war with truth so obfuscated that those fantastic Philadelphia lawyers probably can’t work out, so what chance has the human on the street? Who is this IS? Are they the new Al Qaida, the newest fear on the block?

Divide and conquer is working well. I should leave it at that. But I won’t.

I recently replied to a tweet by a famous writer who asked where all the loud celebrity voices had gone after the Scottish Referendum. In it I asked, where too are our Clan Chiefs – why haven’t we heard from them? Maybe I’m a little nostalgic – and perhaps my head’s still full of some sort of patriotism, which doesn’t really exist.

But coming back to the Woman with the Stick…

I’m no believer in god or the devil – but I do believe there are opposing forces; as above, so below and all that. (I’m still working on advaita for this one but can’t seem to level it out!) By working on my own I’ve kept my own counsel but have sought advice and knowledge perspectives from people and sources I trust. I’m not affiliated with any particular political party (although I lean muchly to the left) nor religion or group.

She, the woman with the staff, reminded us that there is indeed a war on at every level – the war for our minds, our children and our freedom – and that it would stop at nothing to gain control. According to her, my Woman with the Staff, these forces are going into full-swing to win this battle. Some could infer it was an age-old battle, of biblical proportions (but not I). Some would say we’re in the midst of a modern day crusade; I would agree.

I understand from a spiritual perspective that none of it is real, it’s all an illusion – but try telling that to a man held in Guantanamo Bay, or a woman who has lost her child to murder in Palestine. We who have chosen pacifism as our way, are held to ransom by those abusing (assumed) power; those who’s egos are tainted by power, greed and ‘selfdom’ – mind thyself, in other words.

Herein lies a problem; the do-gooders of this planet are seen to be inept, powerless and weak as the abusers throw curve ball after curve ball, each improving on the last. That’s been the way of it.

I’ve spent time reflecting while I lost my voice – something that’s never happened before as and always, I look for meaning (I’m an existentialist sometimes, so what?) I’ve observed and picked up on a few very interesting things; some which have shone a light on self-sabotage and totally unexpected blows from within certain circles. I’ve seen the YES movement gain momentum and the ‘No Thanks’ mob rub their hands in glee, many only to be disappointed that they’d fallen for false promises now seeing the impending removal of our Human Rights, the chances of fracking increase and our enslavery approach.

I’ve witnessed the most awful tactics put into use; tarnishing innocent people to gain otherwise lost, control.

At this time of the full blood moon in 2014 we’re being called to be aware; to face our demons with courage, as they chance their arm with underhand punches. There’s no easy fix but there is strength in numbers – and those numbers have increased.

Remember that change is slow – unless there are catalysts in the community. Keep your wits about you. Be careful who you #StandWith and be careful who you pledge allegiance to. Be firm, confident and strong. Draw your line in the sand and stand on the right side of your (imaginary) sword.

Be that catalyst.

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