Would you want to live a single day like this? #Gaza

by Lesley

There was a small but effective gathering of people in Buchanan St on Thursday, raising awareness of the siege of Gaza – just one of many small and large groups around the UK who immediately responded to the plight of the Palestinian people, who once again find themselves under attack.

Three people went off to the City Chambers to try talking to city councillors about showing respect for Gaza’s lights going off under ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’ the offensive launched by Israel upon Gaza, as thousands gathered outside to see the Christmas lights switched on.

We managed to access the Councillors corridor and as we asked the security guard for time to speak with one of the officials. As he rang offices around the building to locate someone, one of the party checked the room next to where we were standing and decided to raise the issue at an ‘already gathered’ meeting – which seems had nothing whatever to do with the assault on Gaza.

One woman, who was seated in this meeting LAUGHED as she was presented with information about children dying in Gaza, as they were blasted by bombs and denied proper medical care. She was rapidly challenged then immediately denied she’d laughed!
We asked to see the Lady Provost or her deputy – of course she couldn’t be found (but miraculously gave a speech at the Lighting Ceremony!) GCC security didn’t want the hassle and quickly tried to remove the ‘offending’ party from the area, taking us to a small downstairs room under the direction of David Piper, who fully recognised that we were no threat to security but that we did want a voice as media had gathered outside and we thought it an important issue to raise – especially as Glasgow is twinned with Bethlehem.
During our stay we were happy to entertain both Mr Piper and his assistant – who eventually joined in the banter.
Next ensued a verbal intercourse as Colin Edgar (Communications Officer) explained that there would be NO action taken to ‘politically’ hijack the Christmas Lights with news of Gaza , as it was a family celebration.
This didn’t go unchallenged as parallels were drawn about a moment’s silence at a football match and how the children of Gaza have no privilege of lights of ANY kind.The bottom line from GCC’s ‘Communications’ Officer was that NOTHING would be done about recognising the plight of the Palestinians until the Council convene – in 5 WEEKS time!
We agreed to leave the building and were escorted right through the barriers until we were well out of sight… but we didn’t head for home; instead we went for coffee and a chat about how we can raise the awareness of ordinary people of what’s happening to children in Gaza and Israel at this time, as mainstream media fails to give the public full information.

A time, according to Glasgow City Council that is for families and children in Glasgow to enjoy…


This is the reality in Gaza:

Would you want to live a single day like this?

Today’s reporting from the Electronic Intifada (warning  – graphic photographs):

“Israel relentlessly bombs Gaza, West Bank protests repressed”

Many people feel bewildered and overwhelmed; powerless to act, but we are not powerless, we are powerful… Governments work for US. We have a voice – a say in what happens next.

They are few but WE are the many.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Each one of us possesses personal power; what we focus on grows – if we keep that focus on peace and peaceful outcomes and endings, we can’t go wrong.

Each and every one of us can do something – however small towards putting a stop to further atrocities being committed – and more lives being lost. We can work towards creating a peaceful outcome.

What can you do?


Small groups can achieve great things! Rally, protest and demonstrate your compassion and sense of humanity.

Donate to agencies who are supplying aid to those in the areas of conflict (altho’ I believe the costs of this should not be placed on the shoulders of the populace – we face no choice if we can help)

Work together to identify, collect and send vital medical aid – there is a shortage of everything needed!

Telephone, email or write to your MP’s, MSP’s and/or Councillors

Telephone, write or email the media – complain of the poor (and biased) reporting of the situation – demand truthful, unbiased reporting.

Keep up to date – Harry Fear has live updates from Gaza

Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share information.

As I write the death toll in Gaza has risen to 69 confirmed – including 24 children, two more have been killed since I began writing.

Gaza Youth write this today:

Please world, do something, children are being killed in Gaza. War crimes are being conducted! Civilian people are being targeted now in Gaza. #PrayForGaza, #SupportGaza, #GazaUnderAttack
Edmund Burke is most famously noted for the popular saying, “All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.

What would they do if we all said No?


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