Transformational Training – Become Fully You

by Lesley

Transformation, what does it mean, in terms of training or self-development?

For some it could simply mean ‘re-framing’ but for me it’s much more than that; something changes form – from being one ‘thing’ into another.

In workshops, participants are taken on a journey, individually but in a group; each person’s trip will be different from the next but the destination is the same; to rid themselves of the ‘Ruckskip‘ they’ve been carrying and to become more fully themselves.

An introduction to transformational training may be board-breaking or breaking a steel-tipped arrow in your throat. Glass-walking for some, is stretching their realms of possibility – then rebar-bending takes it up a notch or two.

FirewalkingAt the top end of the scale as in firewalking, there’s the obvious transforming of fear into power; we then harness every ounce of our energy and personal power to enable us to cross red-hot coals without sustaining injury – or in some cases, the transformation happens because an injury has been sustained; as realisations dawn on the firewalker and the inescapable truth is presented to them (by themselves) of old habits, negative beliefs, pride / arrogance, (ego) or fear.

What are we transforming? 

Any negative belief, fear or habit that no longer serves us, is the answer to that.

But first we must identify and really want to change any, or all of those things.

For those who are hell-bent on self-discovery, harnessing their power is just another adrenaline-junkie activity; so they’re the ones who’ll do it just because they can – filling their bag with more and more evidence, to support their self-belief.

Time is transformative; as we grow older, we have experiences (good, bad and indifferent) and knowledge to reflect upon. If we’ve learned from those, we’ll have gained some wisdom and from this reflection alone, we can grow more.  We’ll surely also have accrued a number of coping skills, we didn’t possess in our youth.

In a few (very rare) cases, in my experience, no transformation appears to occur. I say ‘appears’ because I have no idea what’s happening on the inside of a person, what their process is, or even what had to change. Only that person will know – and have the choice to change, or stay stuck.

These ‘breakthrough‘ moments are worth their weight in gold; this is the time that if someone wanted to change, it would be as easy as pie. They’re in a state where blowing gently on them would bowl them over! They are self-actualising; ecstatically involved with their own peak experience – one that’ll last them a lifetime.

It may be that a lack of coping skills, has brought you to my door when crisis hits. It’s possible now that as transformational training becomes more well-known, you simply want to dump your baggage and reclaim your power as an individual. Or it might be that you want to manage your stress better; you want to achieve more or to reach more of your potential as a human being.

Whatever your reason, be assured you’ll change your mind – and become more fully you.

Transformational Training can be arranged for almost any individual, group or team at your place of work or at a different location by contacting Lesley @  

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