Transformation ~ Modern Alchemy

by Lesley

Love it or loathe it but ultimately we’ll have to accept that for modern-day survival in the real world, transformation is unavoidable.

We’ve entered a time of responsibility and accountability; there’s no place for b/s, except amongst the bullshitters themselves.

Transformation is just a big word for change; in the personal development world or more precisely, in the Human Potential Movement it’s given the highest profile. But to most people, change is something they’d rather avoid, although it’s something we all do every day as we adapt to different people, different cultures and differing situations we find ourselves in.

Transformational techniques like firewalking create peak experiences for those who undertake the task while practitioners like myself, seek to bring the very best out in a person. Transformational Leaders are pioneers; modern alchemists who help others transmute one energy (usually fear) into another (personal power).

What are we transforming?

We’re transforming negative beliefs about the self  (sometimes also balancing perceptions of the outside world), into positive reference points. The negatives like self-doubt, are basically (irrational) fears which hold each of us back from becoming fully authentic, preventing us from achieving what we are truly capable of.

I say we because most of us require guidance, assistance or support to shift our positions, so there’s a need for a teacher to be involved in the student’s journey of self-mastery.

Teachers, sometimes called Masters, provide a passageway to guide the student, mostly through gently challenging deep-rooted fears and negative beliefs of  self-worth in the process.

The teacher will provide skills to cope with uncertainty and offer alternative ways of thinking – only ever assisting in making changes which the student desires, whilst fully respecting the choices of the individual. We leave behind only that which no longer positively serves us.

And maybe that’s what’s so scary to people; having some of their hard-earned and well-worn beliefs of being ‘unworthy‘ or ‘less that adequate’ shown to be inaccurate and being presented with ‘choice’ – which sometimes terrifies even the hardiest of characters. It equates to losing something which props them up, their crutch to fall back on. Gone. And then what’s left?

The transitional period also places folk in the difficult position of having to find new, more acceptable beliefs, to fill the gaps.

Some might question their own identity if those things they’ve always ‘known’, suddenly aren’t so true.

Perhaps this is a normal response – to me it makes perfectly good sense to begin to fill those recently created spaces with positive feelings and personal achievements, strengthening the individual mentally and emotionally while providing them with new skills to stay afloat in hectic periods.

This is where transformation really comes into play – we use the energy of fear to propel us into the next situation with verve; transforming that which we believed to be true (negative inner world views) into power using transformational physical activity to ground the belief in reality.

As we see, feel and comprehend our personal power we embed or anchor it  as the dominant memory. This  anchor can be reflected upon for years to come as we tap into those same feelings of being powerful, instead of powerless – which then re-empowers the individual to tackle problems, instead of shrinking away from them.

These positive experiences replace negative cellular memories, some of which could’ve become toxic to our system and which may eventually impact our mental or physical health.

What we now have is a very powerful individual with a greater sense of balance, who value themselves more and have a bigger capacity for compassion towards others. They are free to walk with more integrity.

Some will walk the Warrior’s Way while others will integrate their learning into daily life.

Each one will possess a new bag of skills, have a full tank of personal power and will be ready to take on the next challenge; proceeding in life with courage and determination, focus and flexibility.

With practice, fear becomes something which serves to remind us of imminent danger; we can teach ourselves not to perceive threats in everything we come across, but to respect its presence as the survival tool that it is.

There are regular fear-busting workshops in and around Glasgow and Ayrshire – see my Facebook page for dates or organise one for your colleagues, staff or clients.


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