The Moon & I; A True-love Affair

by Lesley

Image; Simon Davies

Image; Simon Davies

Drawn to the old, clinging to her past
She hangs low in the evening sky
Sliding under the radar, slipping into her dark side
Where the Shadow takes over,
Shredding her former Self

Yearning to feel whole, resplendent and full
The missing pieces like lost limbs,
Desperately grasping into the ether
She strives again towards completion
Finding nothing to cling to,
Nothing but emptiness; her own
A massive black hole… her void –
A sadness filled only with what-used-to-be
Life ebbing away, a wave of destruction
Lost in her grief, she loses herself

She feels less than before
Half of her Being
Sparing her light
Preserving her glow
Saving all she can
To light the world below
As she fades in a darkened sky
‘I am nothing’ is her silent cry
But time cannot wait… gaining momentum is the key;
Again she initiates cycles within cycles
One phase gracefully tipping into the next
Yielding to the struggles of un-conditional,
Touched to the core – painfully pushing her to grow
Tearing her apart and stripping her bare
Leaving only remnants, of a life gone before

Soon enough she begins to swell,
Weeping over, a turning tide
Labouring onwards she reaches for her entirety
Her wholeness almost assured
Regaining fullness in due course
A smooth transition on the cusp of change…

Altho’ surrounded by stars she was blind to see
The darkness she feared, would set her free
Feeling half of what you are
Seeking edges that will fit
…And running scared of what you’re not
A magical epiphany, a wondrous blessing
A gentle madness, no longer wishing
To find those lost or stolen pieces missing
Her truth had come full circle
What was gone was now returning
No loss, desire or yearning
Just a deeper sense of learning
She was never less than full, never incomplete
The clouds drift off, the mist has cleared
Her clarity in the night-sky shining bright
She was a beacon, seen from afar
A ray of hope, a stream of Light
She was all she ever could be
Wrapped in love she settled down
She was enough…

Her Shadow and she, were One

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