The Golden Buddha

by Lesley

There is Buddha peace and wisdom within all of us –

… the secret is to find and retrieve it.


There’s an old story about a clay Buddha in Cambodia, which was obstructing the construction of a new road.

The tale tells of this statue being covered in thick clay to disguise it from marauders, while in the care of monks from the 13th century onwards. Somehow the truth in the tale had been lost, those who knew it had all long since died.

So in 1957, it was decided that to protect the huge statue and to allow the building to continue, the Buddha would be moved.

This was no mean feat but with determination, it was done with ropes and machinery, both straining under the weight and immense pressure; cracks began to appear and rain fell, dissolving some of the centuries-old clay…

Later in the evening, one of the temple monks went to check the statue with a flashlight, only to discover something shiny appearing beneath the cracks.

The Buddha statue had been covered in thick clay to protect the original, Golden Buddha underneath.

Life is our clay; pain, grief, betrayal, stress and ego.

Strip these away and we are our own Golden Buddha, each of us possessing qualities hidden by layers of  clay; the Buddha within.

With help we can relax our minds, solve problems, make healthier decisions and live a full life.

Take charge of your personal power – become fully you.

Winter mindfulness, meditation, laughter and relaxation classes have recently begun in Ayrshire, Scotland – held on a Wednesday evening in Beith.

Personal Power workshops and Breakthrough Training for Professionals can be arranged for your group, team or workforce, in your area.

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