The Focus and the Fire – Firewalk

by Lesley

The Focus and the Fire Firewalk – by Mark Corner (@markcoruk )

 FireDoing a Fire walk is something I’ve often thought about doing, but I haven’t participated in one yet. However, it seems that is all about to change. On the 30th November 2013  a firewalk is being held at the Robin Hood Centre in Nottingham, which is about 33 miles from where I live.

The reason people do these from what I understand, is to put behind them, limiting beliefs which they may have had for a long time. Fear can be one of the strongest emotions we have and throughout life we can collect unwanted fears, which can prevent us from achieving goals or our true potential.

Throughout my life I have had such issues. All it takes is for someone to tell you that you’re no good or that you will never amount to anything.

What some people will say in passing can have an devastating effect on your mind, to them. It may seem like nothing, but for the recipient, it can be very damaging, especially if there is a strong emotion attached to it.

So the reason I opted to do this is to put my own past, which raises its ugly head from time to time, right where it belongs, behind me. From my experience, if you leave things as they are, it only takes one setback to put you right back where you were.

We as people can become complacent, especially with things that go on in our subconscious minds. We very often don’t realise how powerful our minds are, especially when it comes to emotional matters – especially negative ones – negative experiences hardwire our brains. We learn quicker from these types compared to positive ones, so is it any wonder that they can be harder to shift compared to positive ones?

However, with practice, it is possible to overwrite old experiences with newer positive ones. It just takes time and practice.

So this is why I’m choosing to do the firewalk, so the theory goes. Once you walk across the hot coal’s then you will be empowered to do anything and become unstoppable and able to live a more fulfilling life.

So how do I feel now?

At the time of writing this, which is the 4th November 2013, when I think about it in my minds eye, I do feel slightly nervous. However, I do think that as the time gets nearer, then I will probably feel even more!

Once you have done the firewalk every time you face a problem in life you remind yourself that you have done it. So the problem that you are facing in the future won’t seem as bad as it could be, especially if fear is involved. Another reason for doing this is, it will get me out of my comfort zone and be a exhilarating life experience.

I shall be taking photos and video footage, so I can look back on it, whenever I feel the need. And what better way to capture a memorable moment in your life using video and photos?

So wish me luck and once I’ve done it,  I will write another blog post with photos and video footage of the whole days experience from my view, so look out for that later on this month.

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