Team Building – Overcoming Obstacles

by Lesley


Every team has obstacles to face; some are fairly easy to spot – meeting sales and other targets, expansion, creating the next best thing or taking the business to the next level. Others are not so simple and can be difficult or completely insurmountable – with built-in stress-factor 10.

These are the unseens at work.

Inter-personal dynamics play a huge part in how your team operates – it can be make-or-break for the company but when someone’s ego is in the way, the business doesn’t figure. Conflicts are common, trust is sparse.

The first obstacle a manager has to deal with here is to get over his or her own stuff to get to the other side of things efficiently; a difficult thing to do when so much is at stake.

So how do we get to the other side?

You’ll often hear me bang on about ‘new experiences’ to replace old trauma or limited beliefs but in my opinion, there is no better way to make change. If there is no understanding of how and why things need to change, it won’t happen. It’s all very well saying ‘we’re all on the same page’ but when it comes down to it, are you really – is everyone on board with the idea? Do they fully comprehend what needs to be done, and why?

Communication is key.

We are all prone to making assumptions so we must ensure the correct message goes out and the appropriate questions are asked.

Saying something and actually feeling it are two different things entirely; this is where developing your team is of the utmost importance. When we do things together, we begin to understand others better; we see how they work and sometimes, how a person thinks about tackling a particular task.

This is why team building activities and games are so important; everyone gets a new experience. These team games pull us into the realm of together-ness. We bond with others, appreciating strengths and weakness, inspire each other and push ourselves further towards our limits – purely because we have support. This in itself is stress management – time-out to discover more about yourself and your team.

Now imagine what your team could achieve if they were to have a range of positive experiences which would bond them for life, empower them to challenge their pre-set limitations and shift the business position in one go; wouldn’t it be marvelous? You’d have a team which could be relied on to complete any task, one which operates at maximum efficiency and a team who know exactly where they’re going.

Ah yes, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Everything I’ve mentioned in the last paragraph is entirely possible. My most recent Team Building event took place in Forres, near Inverness in Scotland last week. It brought together agencies and individuals from education, the nursing profession, social work and Councillors – all forward-thinking people who have a plan to ensure that young people have the best possible chances in life.

They took on the challenges set before them – boards, glass, rebars and fire – breakthrough training which made them think long and hard about their own lives, the influence they have on others and about their own personal ability and responsibilities.

Easy does it They will now be looking at a programme specifically for youth and know the benefits themselves. They can see the potential it holds for young people; giving them a head-start in life where most of us had to wait or discover it for ourselves – if we ever did.

The Glass

Team Building is again on the increase as we start to recognise the need for real personal growth. Previously this year alone, I’ve visited 4 countries with workshop attendants from more than 15 different countries.

Three of those visits were in Europe where I was invited to facilitate for IHG (International Hotel Group) as part of their ‘Winning in 2013” conferences and training for members of their group (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental, Staybridge Suites and more).

Those who took part held a variety of positions within the hotel trade – from Sales and Marketing, right up to General Manager level – each one finding reason to enjoy and take home to apply what they learned. Every single one had new experiences and a new understanding of their roles and responsibilities, inspired from within.

IHG currently is third-best company in the world to work for – they’re definitely doing something right!

Being a team player means understanding three things;

 •    Your Team
•    Your Task
•    Your Responsibility

 How do I make this happen?

By applying what I’ve learned, of course! It’s not so difficult once you know how. I listen to your issues and provide those new experiences and transformational training to suit.

Together we tackle the problems – together as a team, we resolve them. It’s only by acting not talking, that we make things happen.

Isn’t it time your team got just what it deserves?

Invest in your workforce and you’re building a profitable team – take them on a transformational trip of a lifetime.

If you liked this post or you know of a team who would benefit from a full make-over, pass it on.

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