Team Building; Developing Your Team

by Lesley

Who said building a team would be easy?

Perfect team cohesion is every manager’s dream; finding individuals with the right skills and talent is easy – but getting those people to work together, can be an actual nightmare.

Apart from the lack of understanding of each other’s roles, personal issues stand in the way of a fully functional, dynamic and profitable team. When this happens, barriers in communication become difficult to overcome and efficiency drops; something’s missing. Before long, everyone in the company or organisation suffers – and so do clients, potential clients or customers.

But what is it that’s missing?

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Perhaps it’s not any one thing that influences the breakdown in a team – maybe it’s more of a collection of personal issues clashing together at regular intervals; for example, people’s trust issues will affect communication and conflict resolution in the simplest of situations, which can lead to irrevocable splits and divisions in the team.

Each and every person you’ve employed has good qualifications and is excellently suited to the job – yet many find more to gripe about than they actually achieve.  The decline begins with stress and lack of motivation in the workplace, later resulting in reduced output, steadily increasing its potency while morale (and sales) decrease significantly.

It’s not a manager’s role to personally develop each one of his or her employees – that is entirely their own responsibility – but where the team is concerned, a perceptive boss will see where some of those problems stem from, and recognise the fact that a remedy is required, quickly. It’s unlikely the boss will resolve everyone’s problems, but it’s in their interest to fix team issues before they reach crisis point.

Some things can be addressed within the company; internal structures can offer training or often provide individuals with counseling sessions or health-care, but rarely is there an answer for stress and ego-driven behaviours in a team…

No-one wants to make a mistake for fear of losing face; the very same reason that some won’t ask questions to ensure full comprehension of their task, risking failure or further humiliation in the process. So, mistakes are made. Remedial action then takes up managerial time and delays the eventual outcome, if the problem can be resolved.

In my experience ‘dignity at work’ problems like bullying, racism and bigotry, are also prevalent in today’s working environments. Perhaps they’ve always been present but are only now being more openly challenged. NONE of these are difficult to deal with once aired in such a way that everyone understands their personal responsibility at a deep level, which then profoundly affects future interaction with others.

For a team to be cohesive, it’s imperative that everyone is respected and has dignity at work – and here comes the easy part; it’s entirely possible!


As managers, you’ve chosen and hired the best people to do their specific tasks, now it’s time to develop them as a team; invest in those gifted individuals – value their talents and skills and develop them further. Some will already be team players – others might need some encouragement,  and everyone will benefit – including you, as a manager and your project.

Now all you have to do is invest in your workforce.

Corporate team building has its value; bonding team members makes cohesion much easier. Effective team building bonds your staff with a new perspective and understanding of how each system, department or individual role impacts the service your company provides.

It’s taken a while to catch on in some places as many don’t realise how team games and activities can eliminate or vastly reduce stress in the workplace, as well as improve inter-personal relationships.

Developing your team will have numerous benefits for everyone involved (and beyond);

  • improved sense of personal well-being in individuals
  • increased trust – in self and others
  • improved communication
  • increased accountability
  • increased motivation
  • increased problem-solving abilities
  • improved business input and output = greater sales/ accomplishments
  • reduced conflict/ hostility
  • reduced stress and /or absenteeism

And beyond…

When the team has individual and collective experience of self-actualising and peaking towards full potential, new habits will be formed – continuing into separate lives and ultimately affecting everyone they meet thereafter. We can never know the full impact of investing in a person; the ripple effect may be incomprehensibly far-reaching.

Finding someone externally who can tackle this kind of internal strife, provides stress management for those in charge, but many bosses don’t know where to look for the support they require. Well I’m going to make that one easier; ask yourself these questions and if you answer yes to more than one without a reasonable solution in sight, then you should call or make contact with me to arrange solution focused training;

  • Do staff complain of being overwhelmed?
  • Do you carry the day’s stresses home?
  • Is there often tension in the workplace?
  • Is stress a common factor in time required off work?
  • Do work-related problems seem insurmountable?
  • Do you have a re-current sickness or absentee-ism problem?
  • Could your team pool their talents together better?
  • Are there communication problems between individuals or departments?

In summary, investing in people is the best you can possibly do for others – are you doing it for your team?

Motivational and Transformational Training promote self-responsibility AND change; providing coping skills for what lies ahead, in business and in life.

See related articles for more information on Team Building and Breakthrough Training and please share if you’ve found relative or helpful information in this post.

Team Building and Breakthrough workshops can be arranged anywhere in Europe (and again, beyond) …

What are you waiting for?

Connect and start developing your team now, you won’t regret it.


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