Stress Management

The Golden Buddha

by Lesley

There is Buddha peace and wisdom within all of us – … the secret is to find and retrieve it. There’s an old story about a clay Buddha in Cambodia, which was obstructing the construction of a new road. The tale tells of this statue being covered in thick clay to disguise it from marauders, […]


Again it was snowing when I landed in Paris. It had been thirty years almost to the day since I’d last visited the city, so I was looking forward to reminiscing on my journey from Orly to the Holiday Inn at Marne La Vallee. I have a good Scot’s tongue in my head so I […]


It was lightly snowing when I arrived in Den Haag, a day earlier than I should have, due to the lack of suitable flights ensuring I’d arrive on time. When I stepped out of my taxi at the hotel the first thing I noticed was the warmth of the flourescent pink light, glowing through the […]


Twelve Top Empowerment Tips to Prevent and Manage Stress Stress is a massive danger to our health and well-being. The dictionary (Cambridge Online) definitions explain stress; Noun; (worry) great worry caused by a difficult situation, or something which causes this condition Noun (force) a force that acts in a way which often changes the shape […]

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