Let’s face it, it takes guts to walk away from a relationship – and not everyone feels confident enough to do it, even when they know they should. Break-ups happen for lots of reasons but fundamentally it comes down to one or both partners being unhappy with the status quo and if  only one of […]


As an Empowerment Instructor I work with management teams on personal development in all sectors of the UK – from self-employed business people, to project management and senior health managers in the prison service – each of these having completely different outlooks but their ultimate aims are the same; success in their field. In the […]


When I first published Depression; A Need for Change it sparked off quite a bit of controversy; some people thought I was minimising clinical depression where I was merely expressing my observations and experiences with a language shift, in which we often term  a lack of coping skills and / or stagnation, as depression.  I’m […]


I am the sky; see the joy in me In the last few days before Christmas it may be vital to maintaining our well-being that we take stock of our stress levels, minimising the negative effects the season is known to bring. Surviving Christmas and its festivities can be an arduous task, but there are […]


The Power of Reiki

by Lesley

Reiki Level (I)… A dream. Immediately after having my first attunement to Reiki, by Dougie around 1998, I began having strange dreams. Now, I very rarely remember dreams; only if there’s some real significance do I have recollection, so you can imagine my distress after my first attunement to re-experiencing a traumatic situation which happened […]

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Twelve Top Empowerment Tips to Prevent and Manage Stress Stress is a massive danger to our health and well-being. The dictionary (Cambridge Online) definitions explain stress; Noun; (worry) great worry caused by a difficult situation, or something which causes this condition Noun (force) a force that acts in a way which often changes the shape […]

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My scribblings may sometimes be like the ‘adventures of’ ‘cos almost every day I’m aware of, if not directly involved with,  something extraordinary happening around me. No day is ever dull. So, on Saturday morning I decided to take a trip – back to a place I spent the best part of two years and […]