self belief

Transformation, what does it mean, in terms of training or self-development? For some it could simply mean ‘re-framing’ but for me it’s much more than that; something changes form – from being one ‘thing’ into another. In workshops, participants are taken on a journey, individually but in a group; each person’s trip will be different […]


Harm or Heal?

by Lesley

A journey to the self… So often we want to blame someone else for our mistakes, for our pain; we rarely take responsibility for how we feel – it’s always someone else’s fault. But… As adults can we really absolve ourselves from that responsibility? Blaming others is a fairly childish thing to do, yet we […]


Reclaiming Personal Power Once you’ve discovered the how’s and why’s of yourself  you’ll realise you create your own reality … and life doesn’t just happen to you! Walking on hot coals disproves the belief that fire always burns; with due care, attention and respect this is not always the case. However, it is not impossible […]