Let’s face it, it takes guts to walk away from a relationship – and not everyone feels confident enough to do it, even when they know they should. Break-ups happen for lots of reasons but fundamentally it comes down to one or both partners being unhappy with the status quo and if  only one of […]


Okay, so we’ve all been in that area of uncertainty in relationships, especially in the beginning when we ask ourselves if this person’s for real. Actually that’s a pretty good question… People present themselves to others the way they want to be seen – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s who they are – especially […]

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Recently I attended a local E-Business event at the Menzies Hotel (pronounced Ming-iss) in North Ayrshire which focused on social media and how we, as busy business owners, should be participating in what’s being termed a ‘revolution’ in marketing. The event was organised by North Ayrshire Council. Opening the morning session after everyone had their […]


Relationship Reiki

by Lesley

  Relationships are difficult! However, there’s a bonus; personal growth is accelerated when we add a second party to the equation. We may be forced to regularly deal with conflict and consequence. And, although many fear compromise, it doesn’t mean we must lose our personal power in the process; with absolute trust and respect, any […]