Transformation, what does it mean, in terms of training or self-development? For some it could simply mean ‘re-framing’ but for me it’s much more than that; something changes form – from being one ‘thing’ into another. In workshops, participants are taken on a journey, individually but in a group; each person’s trip will be different […]


I recently attended NHS certificated training on ARBD – Alcohol Related Brain Damage – because some of my clients have been, or are affected by it and my interest lies in understanding ARBD and its symptoms. Initially I thought it would inform my workshops better – in fact, I was so shocked by the presentation, […]


we need Care Camps instead! I don’t know about you, but I’m fed-up of hearing, seeing and having boot camps rammed down my throat! Everywhere I look it gets mentioned; TV, magazines, Facebook and Twitter – somebody’s always pushing it. And sure, some people need more discipline but forcing it upon them without their underpinning […]