On Facebook I subscribe to a number of people’s updates so I was really interested when Lewis Howes from Forbes, posted his article 10 Ways to Build Confidence When Facing a Storm. Lewis draws on his experiences as an athlete and explains how he uses these to keep himself confident and motivated while describing how […]


As an Empowerment Instructor I work with management teams on personal development in all sectors of the UK – from self-employed business people, to project management and senior health managers in the prison service – each of these having completely different outlooks but their ultimate aims are the same; success in their field. In the […]


Achieving Inner Happiness …   Bliss Contentment Power / Justice Coping skills / Love Balance / Temperance Information / Awareness ~ Information /Awareness; Knowledge IS power! Without the root we would not have the flower. This is the base for everything else. Equip yourself with an abundance of information, use your senses and feel that […]


The old-timers amongst us may think I’m about to launch into a song, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, although this is still very much a love story… I haven’t met a parent yet who doesn’t want a better life for their child/ren and for future generations but… most are completely unaware of […]


Image by Sunfox For a number of years I’ve been thinking about how we grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally. I have a fair background knowledge of the workings of the body, but my theory on the others emerged from observing my own growth and that of people around me. I don’t concern myself with too […]