Falling in and out of love is a magical, yet such a subjective topic… … although, I’m sure there are common themes which run through most ‘loving’ relationships. Being in love is a state most of us achieve at some point in our lives – we feel ecstatic; buzzing with energy and filled with positive […]

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Twelve Empowerment Tips to Being Authentic If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is. (Cambridge Dictionaries Online) It’s a scary thing being fully you; it means committing to the things you truly believe in, perhaps even standing up to authority over those beliefs. It may also mean that if […]



by Lesley

Yuan yi ~ The Reason Each one of us has a reason to be here, at this point in time. Every reason varied in motive; each motive relative to experience. Our experiences are formed through the perception of situations. Perceptions are developed according to previous learning. Learning is founded in belief systems, (which can be […]


For obvious reasons I don’t get a lot of testimonials for this – nobody really wants to admit to being traumatised, but the truth of the matter is this; we have ALL been traumatised by something, at some stage in our lives! We could all be classed as damaged goods. In an earlier post I […]