peak experiences

These are some of the most commonly asked questions on firewalking. Please can you explain what the firewalk is all about? Firewalking means different things to each person who takes part; for me it’s about re-empowering myself – using my fears and perceived ‘lack’ in my life, to take me courageously into the next phase […]


On Facebook I subscribe to a number of people’s updates so I was really interested when Lewis Howes from Forbes, posted his article 10 Ways to Build Confidence When Facing a Storm. Lewis draws on his experiences as an athlete and explains how he uses these to keep himself confident and motivated while describing how […]


I could go on at length about society’s ills but in this post I’m going to overlook those and focus on rituals and ceremony – or rather, the lack of them. Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve taken part in at least one ceremony;  these range from firewalking, sweatlodges  and kriya […]


Positive Thinking

by Lesley

Natural-born positive thinkers are probably few and far between. Our learning and experiences determine our reactions to people and situations, and I haven’t met anyone yet whose life has been so perfect that they have no issues. Yes, I’ve come across many who have resolved their stuff by working through it, but none yet who […]