Aye, it’s been a funny old year; every month bringing something new and exciting – but a quicker one to pass, I’ve never known. The beginning of the year  saw me slip into the community side of things – Chairing the Community Council and working with the women of my own town; applying all that […]


There was a small but effective gathering of people in Buchanan St on Thursday, raising awareness of the siege of Gaza – just one of many small and large groups around the UK who immediately responded to the plight of the Palestinian people, who once again find themselves under attack. Three people went off to […]


… It’s the only thing that there’s much too little of. In a world that’s fast and furious most of us don’t have time or patience for others, or their problems. We’re too busy working to survive, worrying about our own shit yet some still do what they can to help others… but we’re losing […]


The War Machine – Making words Every day we’re subjected to a barrage of words, seemingly un-meaningful but repeated often enough, have the power to deaden the senses as well as influence our thoughts and actions…   Spoken word, inspired by conversation: Militant – Trotskyist – Anarchist/Terrorist – Extremist – Insurgents – Subversives. Nice speak: […]


Some time ago, in 2003 I was arrested; I was taken into police custody at Faslane Nuclear Base for protesting about the use of nuclear weapons while I was attending a rally with an old friend and seasoned campaigner, who is mostly confined to a wheelchair due to his medical condition. We were ‘locked on’ […]


The old-timers amongst us may think I’m about to launch into a song, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, although this is still very much a love story… I haven’t met a parent yet who doesn’t want a better life for their child/ren and for future generations but… most are completely unaware of […]


Today’s Buddha

by Lesley

I often wonder when people have been quoted who they were speaking to at that particular time and if it would be different were they speaking to another. I decided to attempt to contextualise some quotes from the one known as Buddha, the Enlightened One, into something which may be just as relevant and appropriate […]


Dawn Meditation

by Lesley

All too often we awaken to the world and continue through the day feeling less than; less than good enough, less than worthy. How much more comforting would it be if we fully acknowledged the power within… On a misty morning in September 1999 I wrote what came naturally to me… I am the Earth […]

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