Ayahuasca Sacred Medicine In the West today we have become accustomed to the “Quick Fix” syndrome. By “quick fix” I mean becoming sick or developing pain and going to the Doctors for pills, tests, surgery, therapy etc. There are four distinct levels to human beings, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If we are suffering […]


we need Care Camps instead! I don’t know about you, but I’m fed-up of hearing, seeing and having boot camps rammed down my throat! Everywhere I look it gets mentioned; TV, magazines, Facebook and Twitter – somebody’s always pushing it. And sure, some people need more discipline but forcing it upon them without their underpinning […]


The Power of Reiki

by Lesley

Reiki Level (I)… A dream. Immediately after having my first attunement to Reiki, by Dougie around 1998, I began having strange dreams. Now, I very rarely remember dreams; only if there’s some real significance do I have recollection, so you can imagine my distress after my first attunement to re-experiencing a traumatic situation which happened […]

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For obvious reasons I don’t get a lot of testimonials for this – nobody really wants to admit to being traumatised, but the truth of the matter is this; we have ALL been traumatised by something, at some stage in our lives! We could all be classed as damaged goods. In an earlier post I […]


Relationship Reiki

by Lesley

  Relationships are difficult! However, there’s a bonus; personal growth is accelerated when we add a second party to the equation. We may be forced to regularly deal with conflict and consequence. And, although many fear compromise, it doesn’t mean we must lose our personal power in the process; with absolute trust and respect, any […]


My scribblings may sometimes be like the ‘adventures of’ ‘cos almost every day I’m aware of, if not directly involved with,  something extraordinary happening around me. No day is ever dull. So, on Saturday morning I decided to take a trip – back to a place I spent the best part of two years and […]