domestic violence

You all know by now how I feel about domestic violence so I’m going to tell you a Christmas night story… it involves deliberate isolation, verbal, mental and  emotional abuse, with an overhanging threat of violence. So when an old friend eventually told me last night what was happening, I made a 2 hour journey […]


Open Letter to; The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon Katy Clark MP Kenneth Gibson MSP Margaret Burgess MSP Margaret McDougall MSP Dear First Minister, I appeal to you both as a woman and in your political capacity as First Minister for Scotland to save the vital services of North Ayrshire Women’s Aid – the largest of […]


Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave. Leslie Morgan – TED / TALKS TEDX Why would anyone stay with a man who beats her? Having been in a similar scenario, I can identify with many of the points that Leslie raises and the scars it leaves behind. I’m writing this as a woman – but I fully […]


As a woman I am concerned that there is still so much violence against women. The statistics show; One in 4 women will be experiencing domestic violence at any one time.  Upwards of 84% of women are raped by men they knew.  Acquaintance rape is at least 4 times as likely as stranger rape.  Violence […]