Love it or loathe it but ultimately we’ll have to accept that for modern-day survival in the real world, transformation is unavoidable. We’ve entered a time of responsibility and accountability; there’s no place for b/s, except amongst the bullshitters themselves. Transformation is just a big word for change; in the personal development world or more […]


Twelve Empowerment Tips to Being Authentic If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is. (Cambridge Dictionaries Online) It’s a scary thing being fully you; it means committing to the things you truly believe in, perhaps even standing up to authority over those beliefs. It may also mean that if […]


I have no real reason for being jittery, touchy, irritable or anxious around different moon phases – and have coping skills aplenty should an issue arise. So, it’s an infrequent surprise for me to find myself in a tense, anxious state; sometimes I wonder if it’s the Universe’s way of keeping me on my toes […]


When I first published Depression; A Need for Change it sparked off quite a bit of controversy; some people thought I was minimising clinical depression where I was merely expressing my observations and experiences with a language shift, in which we often term  a lack of coping skills and / or stagnation, as depression.  I’m […]


As a Life-Skills Coach and Empowerment Instructor I covered most of this in a recently written blog post about the effectiveness of resolutions but a request for more information enabled me to break it down further – to the three most important factors required to complete the task of making resolutions last. To change anything […]

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Are New Year Resolutions Effective? Of course they are – but only when there’s an actual desire to change something in your life. Most people say they want to change a particular part of their life when in fact, they’d only like to make it different; they don’t fully access the power within themselves to […]


Image by Sunfox For a number of years I’ve been thinking about how we grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally. I have a fair background knowledge of the workings of the body, but my theory on the others emerged from observing my own growth and that of people around me. I don’t concern myself with too […]


Once you’ve discovered the how’s and why’s of yourself  you’ll realise you create your own reality … and life doesn’t just happen to you! Walking on hot coals disproves the belief that fire always burns; with due care, attention and respect this is not always the case. However, it is not impossible to receive a […]


Disentangling Empowerment Definition of empower (verb): to give someone official authority or the freedom to do something. Empowerment (noun) is therefore the result of the above action; fairly ambiguous I’d say. Then there’s the adjective, empowering which gives has a different slant altogether; Something that is empowering makes you more confident and makes you feel […]


Depression is a sign that something needs to change in your life – it may be situational, it may be something out with your control… it may even be your attitude. Seek the cause of your distress and decide to find & work towards the solutions; resolving things to your satisfaction. This was my Facebook […]