“When we bring forth that which is inside of us, what we bring forth will save us. When we do not bring forth that which is inside of us, what we do not bring forth will destroy us.” Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas I first came across these words while reading “Breaking Open the Head” […]


I have no real reason for being jittery, touchy, irritable or anxious around different moon phases – and have coping skills aplenty should an issue arise. So, it’s an infrequent surprise for me to find myself in a tense, anxious state; sometimes I wonder if it’s the Universe’s way of keeping me on my toes […]


Confidence Boost

by Lesley

Confidence boost – a superfood for the spirit. Most of us will experience a loss of confidence at some time in our lives. For some  people it’ll be temporary but for others it may be sustained; which  may be exacerbated by other factors, such as illness or a change in environment, making the recovery process […]


Achieving Inner Happiness …   Bliss Contentment Power / Justice Coping skills / Love Balance / Temperance Information / Awareness ~ Information /Awareness; Knowledge IS power! Without the root we would not have the flower. This is the base for everything else. Equip yourself with an abundance of information, use your senses and feel that […]


Perhaps somewhere in my deep, dark, ancestral past I was some sort of warrior. On the other hand, I may have learned through the ages to become one. I’m unsure of the evolutionary process that my DNA has undergone but perhaps I’ve learned to become a warrior by remembering the pain of the past, skills […]


Image by Sunfox For a number of years I’ve been thinking about how we grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally. I have a fair background knowledge of the workings of the body, but my theory on the others emerged from observing my own growth and that of people around me. I don’t concern myself with too […]


Disentangling Empowerment Definition of empower (verb): to give someone official authority or the freedom to do something. Empowerment (noun) is therefore the result of the above action; fairly ambiguous I’d say. Then there’s the adjective, empowering which gives has a different slant altogether; Something that is empowering makes you more confident and makes you feel […]


The warrior’s journey is above all a journey of self-perfection. The warrior works to acquire and manifest specific qualities and virtues.  The warrior is not a fighting man in the ordinary sense. The warriors journey is not motivated by power, glory, serving God, country, tribe or any such thing. The journey is rather an end […]


Following recent scandals involving the media (no need for names, they’ve had enough air-time) and most especially my Facebook and Twitter posts regarding the connections with corruption, inequality and the austerity cuts being imposed on us nationally, questions are being asked … again. For some it’s difficult to get their head around – this firewalking […]


Relationship Reiki

by Lesley

  Relationships are difficult! However, there’s a bonus; personal growth is accelerated when we add a second party to the equation. We may be forced to regularly deal with conflict and consequence. And, although many fear compromise, it doesn’t mean we must lose our personal power in the process; with absolute trust and respect, any […]