In Transformational Training, Developing Your Self, I talked about challenging my fears in water and with heights, both of which  amounted to the same thing really; my lack of trust in myself – even though I had completed many firewalks and had walked 40 feet of fire, as part of my Instructor training. The Transformational […]


Ayahuasca Sacred Medicine In the West today we have become accustomed to the “Quick Fix” syndrome. By “quick fix” I mean becoming sick or developing pain and going to the Doctors for pills, tests, surgery, therapy etc. There are four distinct levels to human beings, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If we are suffering […]


Ayahuasca Insights

by Lesley

It’s over a month since I first had the bitter-sweet taste and effect of Ayahuasca and I can honestly say that there’s hardly been a day where I haven’t had cause to reflect positively on the experience and my learnings. If you’re reading this the chances are, you’ve already read Ayahuasca, A Very Personal Journey, […]


Recently I wrote Groundhog Day then Retrograde Going Backwards to go Forward because I was sensing major shifts going on within and around me.  Through doing a little research, the information pointed out that this would come to an end around April 14th 2012. Little did I know at the time what information would be […]


Druid Dhubh ~ Black bird Today I discovered a blackbird’s nest in my garden – very low to the ground but atop a stack of logs.  In this same stack I’ve found a small frog and a mouse happily residing. I smiled at my mini animal sanctuary, feeling happy that these creatures feel safe enough […]

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Gentle slumbers and simmering emotions led me to working through the day after the Ayahuasca journey in a dream-like fashion – fully conscious of where I was; at home, safe and secure but with random nudges taking me to the edge of tearfulness… I’m not one known for denial but we humans are so clever, […]


Freedom Being open to new experiences is a big part of everyone’s personal development – but I’m sure if we were to scientifically poll the population, most people would draw their line long before they undertook a firewalk, a sweatlodge ceremony  or a mind-altering trip into themselves. Thankfully, I’m not most people. I’d wanted to […]