There are probably many ways we can improve our creativity but some scientists are focusing their efforts on finding out how that happens; studying what’s going on in our brains, when we experience ‘insight’. In the BBC’s Horizon programme ‘The Creative Brain‘ these scientists conduct experiments which track brain activity via an EEG cap, as […]


Amidst campaigning politicians across the pond, Forbes online posted “The Lost Soul of Mick Romney” – the content of which discusses the media opportunity seized by Romney’s team to criticise the Obama administration. To me it’s just another point-scoring match where the important stuff gets lost. Irrespective of who’s to blame for this or that, […]


Within These Walls

by Lesley

  The Evening Chronicle’s Facebook page posed a question to its readers with the above image: Prisoners may get paid to work in call centres under a new scheme to increase work opportunities in prisons. It is hoped that by working while they serve time they can learn new skills and learn to work in […]


Image by  alicepopkorn This is a guest post by Mark Corner The very first time I encountered meditation was quite some years ago now. I had heard about it in latter years, but never really took any notice of it. I honestly thought that sitting cross-legged for half an hour to 20 minutes wouldn’t benefit me that much, […]


Druid Dhubh ~ Black bird Today I discovered a blackbird’s nest in my garden – very low to the ground but atop a stack of logs.  In this same stack I’ve found a small frog and a mouse happily residing. I smiled at my mini animal sanctuary, feeling happy that these creatures feel safe enough […]

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Achieving Inner Happiness …   Bliss Contentment Power / Justice Coping skills / Love Balance / Temperance Information / Awareness ~ Information /Awareness; Knowledge IS power! Without the root we would not have the flower. This is the base for everything else. Equip yourself with an abundance of information, use your senses and feel that […]


Perhaps somewhere in my deep, dark, ancestral past I was some sort of warrior. On the other hand, I may have learned through the ages to become one. I’m unsure of the evolutionary process that my DNA has undergone but perhaps I’ve learned to become a warrior by remembering the pain of the past, skills […]