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Spiritual First Aid

What started out to be a small e-book has taken almost a year to write, edit and re-write, turning itself into 30,000 words of experience and Spiritual First Aid – perhaps the first (and maybe the last!) of my published work.

Putting these words on ‘paper’ has been quite a gruelling task – and one I probably wouldn’t have undertaken had it not been for my Publisher (yes, I gave him a capital P!) urging me forward with encouragement and the belief that what I’d captured is the next level in Personal Development… taking it a stage further than applied NLP, centering on the ‘self’ and personal progress while applying compassion, love and care.

When I sent my near-final edit he described it thus…

Lesley, it’s great! As simple as that…

I am so glad that you have got the bug for writing, as it is actually very liberating, and that’s what you are all about, freeing people and helping them take back control that they, for whatever reason, believed they had lost, but it isn’t lost, it’s exactly where they left it in the first place.

Your book will always be ‘not good enough’ to you, but then again, you didn’t just write it for you! Trust me, this is going to help soooo many people. Other than the few changes you have in mind yourself, I would say that this book is good to go!

So what is Spiritual First Aid?

It’s how we pick ourselves up – mending our ways by approaching things differently – not sticking a plaster over the problem.

Spiritual First Aid is what we do to raise our energy levels, to balance our moods; licking wounds and picking up the pieces to carry on with tasks and responsibilities. We all hope to heal our past to make way for a happier and healthier future, so as we re-learn and reclaim personal power, we encourage others to do the same.

Spiritual First Aid is a very natural way to self-empower; once we understand how our ‘self’ works we can begin to change the aspects of that self, which no longer fit with our way of being or fails to serve us in a positive manner. Using simple techniques we can ‘rescue’ our ‘self’ before we damage it further.

Initially, it’s only a matter of commitment.

A few years back I wrote about the Hierarchy of Spiritual Needs, as I saw them and it’s become the basis for the book. It’s often said that there are no new ideas – only recycled ones and I’m pretty sure I’m only repeating what many others have said before me; I’ve just written it in a slightly different language, removing all sense of mystery and providing practical suggestions for re-discovering personal power.

The book aims to help de-stress areas of our lives which we do have control over – our minds (mostly), our words – surely and our actions, definitely. It also helps identify areas which we believe we have control over, but in fact have none.

There are tips on empowerment and in reaching and maintaining a balanced state of mind which works well for every age group and ultimately, will ripple deep into communities.

Spiritual First Aid is what we should be teaching ourselves and our children and grandchildren. It’s our legacy to them to keep them as safe from harm as we can and to provide them with the best start in life; how to maintain their sense of self.

With luck I’ll be able to release this in e-book format within the week.

Watch this space!

As promised – Spiritual First Aid – Finding Balance

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