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by Lesley

Social Simplicity

It’s been a funny old day here in cyberspace for Social Media, especially in Scotland as we’ve been experiencing winds registering as high as 165mph in the Cairngorm mountains. Lower ground hasn’t fared much better where winds reached anything up to that.

As  expected, Twitter went daft and soon we had pictures and videos showing the damage being caused.

By about three o’clock in the afternoon we were able to buy T-shirts and jokes were flying around the airspace. It didn’t take long for the Scot’s to load Twitter with their sense of humour and very quickly  #HurricaneBawbag was trending! Alan Carr, Chatty Man, also got in on it and praised the Scot’s for the use of their vernacular.

Shortly afterwords Omg Trampoline hit the web – and immediately went viral. We can now see pages on Wikipedia and Facebook with the same title and Gordon Darroch has written a fine piece on the Scottish sense of humour in his blog.

And so this is how we get any kind of news out in the modern world but it wasn’t what prompted my writing – two other events did; the first was a tweet posted by Terry Jones, or PythonJones as he’s known online …

I’ve backed a wonderful antiwar documentary in progress #WeAreMany. Join me and pledge support here

I followed the link and discovered the We Are Many website describing the documentary which chronicles the anti-war movement of Feb 2003 right through to the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement of this year. They’re attempting to use ‘crowdfunding’ to enable them to make the film.

As it’s an issue close to my heart I re-tweeted the link, added it to StumbleUpon and Scoopit! which posts on my Facebook pages, Twitter, a variety of smaller networks as well as my LinkedIn. In this way the relevant links might be seen by interested parties and many others in my networks, hopefully helping to enable 15Feb2003  to realise their dream.

The second and most satisfying example of today’s Social Media in action came on my own personal Facebook page;

Within moments of re-posting a friend’s appeal to help Unity find a place to stay for a woman and child asylum seeker in their status update, we had found a solution to the problem – simples!

Social Media in Action

Each and every one of the folk in the above appeal have their needs met in a very simple way – with Facebook in this case, being the medium to facilitate and support the enabling process. It’s so easy and so empowering for everyone concerned.

Here we can see how Social Media works right before our eyes, showing us how social networking can work benevolently while at the same time, enable individuals (and sometimes companies) to simply do what’s within their capability; this is where using the KISS principles work best!

K – keep

I – it

S – simple

S – stupid :)

Is there anyone out there not getting it yet?



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