Social Media – Choosing A Virtual Family

by Lesley

The other night as I was drifting off towards sleep, I found myself laughing (audibly) at one of Aliya’s comments on a thread of conversation which somehow turned into a mini swear-fest. This in turn, allowed me to think of an incident she’d quoted on a similar (maybe the same) thread on Facebook – reminding me how much I’ve changed and how many amazingly wonderful folks I have in my life – because I made those changes.

Social media platforms have the ability to enrich our lives when we thoughtfully engage with others, just as in everyday life but sometimes we’re too busy, too stressed, too crazy trying to ‘do’ – having little fun or time to ourselves…  then we open our browsers and there’s a party online!

Everyone’s chatting or debating, lolling and laughing; hearts attach themselves to passing thoughts, art capturing the essence and sometimes music takes on new meaning. All are utilising choice; choosing who to talk to, when to be available and what to talk about.

Some of you are dancers, artists, sweat(er)s, hippies and healers, visionaries, social media front-runners, writers, pioneers, crusties and crackpots, (h)activists and much more besides…

We’ve worked hard to find each other and to find our ‘self’.

What care we the colour of our skin, our sexual preference, our faith or belief? We have respect and take our responsibility seriously, doing whatever is within our means to make this place we call Home, a better, more equal, a more just place in which to live. Everyone I see or interact with online, will gladly come to the assistance of another; offering whatever help is needed.

We’ve formed our own community; choosing dialogue (mostly) where values differ, to bridge the gap. We have our own support structures – by choice, we have people who can offer skills on every subject and if they haven’t got what we’re looking for – they know someone who has.

Our interactions reflect our focus and determination to continue to do what’s ‘right’ to help our neighbour who is less privileged – even when that means shocking the pants off them occasionally, to make them sit up and take note.

We are accountable for our actions and recognise our power as individuals in a chosen collective. We choose to use that power in a positive way.

I believe we are all inherently ‘good’ people – open and willing to open up – to possibilities, to change, to be free, to be flexible. To be…  ourselves; the inherently compassionate, peaceful and loving people we are.

In some way, perhaps this is the kinda microcosm of our utopia – where that basic respect and responsibility towards ourselves and others, is paramount.

I see you. I hear you. I stand with you.

Thank you for allowing me to journey with you.

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Personal Development Consultant and Confidence Coach. Lesley is also a committed Human Rights Activist with her heart firmly lodged in 'community' and collaboration.


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