Send Out The Old With Love; Welcome The New With Peace

by Lesley

Aye, it’s been a funny old year; every month bringing something new and exciting – but a quicker one to pass, I’ve never known.

The beginning of the year  saw me slip into the community side of things – Chairing the Community Council and working with the women of my own town; applying all that I’ve learned over [mostly] the last fourteen years and reminding me of serving my time on national community development boards.

It was a stark reminder that very little has changed in that period.

Amonsgt work and other responsibilities, I enjoyed writing blog posts and eventually completed Spiritual First Aid – Finding Balance. 

I had finally got to grips with the workings (and trappings) of Social Media; but  still loved what I was learning – and began making it work for me, instead of the other way around. Much thanks goes to Mark Corner for all his help, especially for aiding me in achieving front page Google rankings.

In early spring I Chaired two sets of local Hustings then bowed out of  the scene, realising that just like parliamentary politics, one is kept tied into a system of untying very small knots, to keep one occupied and distracted from the real issues.

I had my ‘Today’s Luminary‘ spot, where I had to make every word count to get some of my personal development points across… followed sharply by a completely new experience – opening my inner and outer world in another way to the spirit plant, ayahuasca; a very great teacher.

By mid spring I’d done a few extras parts in River City, a local production, so when I was offered the leading part of Emmanuela in ‘Shock Doctrine’, I took it in my stride; although we did make a few small changes to the character to make her [me] a little more authentic. Let’s just say it sure was quite a shock – especially for the cast who had no idea that I would present myself on the day of our festival performance, in full bondage gear!

This was to become the highlight of my summer – although there wasn’t one in Scotland – Doune the Rabbithole Festival, like many others, became water-logged but the people stayed happy.

The autumn flew by with a Goddess Firewalk marking the season; a fully satisfying day of self-growth for all concerned as we shared skills and stories, experience and knowledge.

I”ve sweated, tried Tantra and taught Reiki, along with other transformational stuff, pushing myself and putting others through their paces to the extremes in some cases;

I was picked for a Hollywood movie by the Director (only as an extra – but what a nice lift!) and play a drunk in Hogmanay’s ‘Only An Excuse’ – which I’m sure will be hilarious and on YouTube, soon after being shown on TV.

I’ve developed and delivered ‘An Introduction to Social Media’ training to community groups, so that they might spread the word about their chosen cause, learn in a simplified manner how to apply ‘engagement’ and build trust with sponsors, funders and/or sympathisers.

As always, I’ve challenged the state – and the status quo; rebel clowning at Faslane Nuclear Base and later in the year Glasgow, raising awareness of the situation in Gaza.

Somehow I got roped into doing a naked photo-shoot, something I’d planned for clients (happening in March, if you’re interested) but had no desire to participate in. Anyway, I’ve ended up starkers on the pitch, much to the despair of my children!

It hasn’t always been a bundle of laughs; it’s been hard going at times with plenty to contend with, but I reckon I’ve developed enough coping skills to get by, without catastrophic effects on my well-being.

I’ve met some wonderful people both online and off this year too – many of whom have forged a place in my heart and in my life.

And I’ve burnt some bridges too; those who haven’t made it to the end of the year with me are gone for a reason – we’ve served our purpose and that’s ok; it’s time to move on.

So as we approach the end of 2012, the last hours of reflection have provided me with more learning, more positive experiences and more to look forward to in the coming year; who knows what’s ahead?

My Letter to the Past and to the Future from last year still stands – I aim to release more negativity and increase my positive outlook by aspiring to becoming more of me.

In short, I’ve learned that as I open up my mind to new possibilities, my world opens doorways into them – and that sometimes you have to push your future forward…

So it’s time to release the old with loving energy, making space for the entrance of new and peaceful transitions to come.

  • Take a risk; try new things.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zones.
  • Name the game; expose control & manipulation
  • Relax your mind – things aren’t always as bad as they seem.
  • Do something to improve the health of your body, mind and spirit.
  • Listen to others but decide for yourself that which is good/healthy for you.

Make 2013 your year!

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Personal Development Consultant and Confidence Coach. Lesley is also a committed Human Rights Activist with her heart firmly lodged in 'community' and collaboration.


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