Saorsa ~ The Power of Freedom

by Lesley

Saorsa… Freedom’s Power

This is possibly the most powerful testimonial I’ve ever received – and it came from a least expected source, adding surprise to my reaction of gratitude to the author.

‘Given cause to search for meaning and identity, Lesley first found her path in the internal martial art of Taijiquan. This grounding in Taoist philosophy, combined with her appreciation of the effectiveness of the subtle applied movements of the Taiji system, led Lesley to pursue the level of belief that would allow her to walk on fire.

Lesley escaped the control of a difficult domestic situation by finding the strength within her to change her future and resolve her past. She set her mind to the challenge of empowerment by becoming Scotland’s first fire walking instructor. For many years now Lesley has sought to provide the means by which others can open their potential to themselves and to live life as valued individuals.

Lesley has experienced life at the sharper end of political belief. Her desire to see fairness and an open and honest dialogue between politicians and the people they represent has meant that she has stood fast to protest injustice. A believer in peace and peaceful protest it has however, been necessary for her to face the challenge of opposing policies which have been forcefully defended by the government.

She views this part of her life as another facet of her belief in fair treatment for all and that society should protect the vulnerable.

To say that Lesley’s life has been colourful is perhaps an understatement and it is certainly true that she spends much of her life in the pursuit of challenges which most people find quite terrifying.

For her the challenge is not with the heat of the flames or the sharp edges of broken glass, which Lesley will gladly stroll over, but within the mind and spirit. Preconceptions must be challenged, moulded or modified until the true power of absolute belief is found – only then can we walk the true path that is right for us as individuals; free of ego and willing to embrace others but able to decide if situations are damaging and make the required changes for a positive outcome.

Some would say that Lesley is almost unrecognisable from the more insecure individual who first began her journey. If Lesley had a mantra, it might be, ‘nothing can stop you but you.’

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