Retrograde ~ Going Backwards to go Forward…

by Lesley

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We’ll soon be emerging from Mars in retrograde as the illusion of the planet moving backwards ends, around April 14th.

In February I wrote Groundhog Day because I had the feeling that many of us were also heading back in time – re-visiting past events, relationships or hardships to find learning in those lessons of the past.

In the blog I mention Mars’ moons – Phobos (“fear”) and Deimos (“dread”) which seem quite aptly named, especially in this period where I’m thinking that we fear change and dread what’s ahead if we don’t change something.  We’re caught between a rock and a hard place – and something has to give.

It appears to me that Mars, the God of War has set the Warrior to work – this time internally challenging us to battle our own ego – a scary place for those who hang onto the old code of being; never letting up and never letting go.

Some of us experienced a trip down memory lane, one memory gently jolting another, while others have really struggled to come to terms with what’s gone before, unable to get a handle on the hows or whys of it all, fearing re-occurrence yet resisting the very thing which will make the biggest difference; change.

Most people don’t go  in search of change; it’s either forced upon them or just happens to them, or so they’d have you believe! The ego’s at play again, not wanting to take any responsibility for the life it’s living; there’s always something to blame or it’s someone else’s fault.

If we’ve recently been presented with stressing over old wounds, it’s re-assuring to know that we’re merely re-learning the lessons we missed or didn’t pay attention to at the time. If we’re lucky, we may even find closure on things we didn’t expect to uncover…

For those of us who want to know more – we seek the adventure of knowledge; of the self, of the world around us and we embrace  change, knowing it is the only constant in our lives and that it’s our built-in flexibility which will help us survive, whether that’s in business or in our personal lives.

We relish the opportunity to discover more about ourselves; about how we can adapt in a modern world when things are changing all the time.

This past while I’ve been on a personal quest – aware of my backwards/forwards theory at times and using my intuition to sift through the presentations laid before me, observing and learning something new about what I’ve brought to situations but chose to overlook at the time…

I’m now convinced that the purpose of this illusory phase has been to let go of our destructive images of the past; letting go of blame and shame while clearly seeing through the illusions we’ve created ourselves – the security and protection set up to serve the ego but destroy the self.

Remember that ‘what we resist in life persists’ – returning every so often to remind us that we have unfinished business; each lesson reminding us that if we don’t answer its call, the next one will be tougher, and still we resist.

Remember too that there’s a whole lot of energy used up in resistance; energy which maintains the self as we wish to be seen, heard or felt – energy which promotes invulnerability and which serves to guard and protect the ego at all costs.

Free yourself from the ties that bind

Unfortunately not many practice relaxing fully, fearing the outcome if we were to be ‘soft’ or ‘vulnerable’, so miss the benefits of just being; of allowing things to just be, in that moment of time.

If you’re identifying with any of this you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – give yourself the permission you need to let things come and to let things go.

Releasing old fears, habits or ways of thinking which haven’t favoured us in the past will now provide us with a renewed energy to move ahead – at an increased pace. Gone will be the weights which have been holding us down or holding us back – lightness of heart and of step will soon follow.

Look upon this time of glancing backwards as enabling us to move forward with new and important information. Relax; bear in mind that whatever you’re re-visiting has little power over you now – then look at the distance travelled by you, to get here - you may be pleasantly surprised at what you see.

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