Responsible Marketing

by Lesley

Believe nothing...

Recently I received a mailing from a well-known source and it left me feeling really quite annoyed!

Firstly, may I say that I may not be rolling in cash but I have a very clear conscience about how I market myself; refusing to be caught up in the ‘stirring the pain’ techniques which some ‘entrepreneurs’ and business-people use.

Please look at the following and give me your honest opinion…

“Hi Lesley,

Too many people are losing their jobs/businesses, or concerned
about their financial security, and in most cases it’s because they haven’t done anything solid to shelter themselves from the economic turbulence out there.

I mean, how long could you live if you stopped earning right now?
If your answer is ‘less than a year’ or worse ‘less than a month’, then you are seriously at risk of financial ruin and instability.

I’m not saying this to scare monger, but just to let you know, we are by no means out of the woods of the double-dip recession yet, and I feel a sense of responsibility to help you prevent getting caught up in it.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the … at a cost of…”

Okay, there are concessions but holy crap – the rates were still high!

So while I was wondering if it was just me and a particular issue which still manages to rile me, when I choose to allow it – I posted the above quote to my Facebook personal page, asking friends what they thought of it.

I was grateful for their honest responses supporting my line of thinking… immediately spotting manipulation and lack of authenticity.

You see ~ I’ve always been opposed to ‘bling’ and flash for the sake of selling a product, stemming from a very conscious decision I made many years ago when I arrived on the business scene; that an honest days pay for an honest day’s work was how I’d position myself, completely disregarding the advice and suggestions of ‘Business’ advisors.

I didn’t like the way I saw people marketing their wares – websites with all sorts of flashy icons; buy this or buy that to ‘improve your life’… it just didn’t sit right then, any more than it does now!

I’ve got barriers to monetising web content at every opportunity – especially in Personal Development.


I don’t believe there’s a need, other than greed, to sew up every possible product-selling, workshop and training avenue. When I see the ‘big guys’ do this it stirs feelings of disingenuity. And I can’t help but think some of these people give Personal Development a bad name.

I’ll explain – many of these self-professed gurus have endured and overcome struggles to get to where they are, of that I have no doubt. But – while one is talking the talk, one should also be walking the walk; not exploiting others while they work their way to becoming millionaires at the expense of others’ misfortunes and tragedies.

Some sink so low like the one above, almost revelling in dis-empowering others; playing on fears to bring in the cash.

How disgusting!

Do we not have a personal responsibility to positively encourage people, instead of manipulating them out of money? In developing people we set examples by our own actions; and that’s not how I’d want to be – or how I’d want to be perceived.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are prime target areas for this kind of spam – as many use their online presence to influence others, in whatever way they can.

This is a prime reason why building relationships with your friends, fans and followers is so important, especially on these sites.

The people you surround yourself with, both in business and in life, online or off will most likely share your ethos, your belief systems with only slight variations – not vast differences. If the distance in thinking is too huge to bridge, the relationship crumbles.

Those who get social media align themselves with others who share the importance of developing trust. This empowers the individuals concerned and enables sharing of trusted content – without fear of being dis-ingenuous.

Each of us likes to be appreciated by others for our contribution to positively influencing others – without the need to form mutual appreciation societies.

There are many ways in which you can form, show and add value to your networks, built on trust, in social media;

  • Learn the lingo
  • Share content on Facebook
  • Re-tweet relevant info and inspiring messages
  • Stumble original blogs
  • Use whichever platform suits your needs and lets you share other people’s stuff
  • Remember to start conversations; communication is key.

One of the quickest ways for me to delete you from my contacts is to send me a link promoting your goods or even more quickly – a third party’s links, especially of theĀ  pornographic/Viagra/iPod type.

Firstly if you’re new to social media marketing and before you swamp the masses (in a mostly empty, unreceptive room), consider why someone would follow the link, let alone buy from unknown sources.

Secondly; be aware that many have gone before you with similar strategies but few have survived.

And lastly, if it’s not empowering in some way, re-think your game; be responsible for bringing out the best in people – it has the most rewarding effects!

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