Positivity Training

No growth without assistance

The term ‘Empowerment’ has been bandied about (especially by governments) for some time now yet most folks haven’t a clue what it really means!

I wrote a post describing what empowerment is and what it isn’t here, but for simplicity I’ll happily just say that it’s about enabling; building self-confidence, self-belief and self-efficacy so that we can live a happier, more balanced life.

Empowering the self by identifying, then working through, personal issues also makes for a more responsible and productive workforce.

I use the word empowerment as an umbrella description of my services, of which there’s a plentiful supply of information available, almost all based on my 3R’s;

Respect, Responsibility and Relaxation.

Training workshops are filled with a combination of skills from Leadership Training, NLP, Martial Arts, as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Holistic Therapist, to provide positive experiences and achieve results in change; whatever that change may be.

Listing them here is one way of making it easier for individuals, as well as organisations, to choose that which suits their needs.

Corporate Services:

Teams are built on the strength of individuals; those who have skills and confidence to trust other people more easily than those who are insecure and a team of highly motivated and focused individuals will more easily go beyond targets.

We may not like to admit that there are barriers and blockages within a team but understanding there’s a problem is the first step in resolving it – and sometimes it takes an outsider to crack the nut, bringing personal responsibility to the fore.

Stress Prevention & Stress Management

Team Building ~

Firewalking, Communication, Conflict Resolution ~ Dignity at Work Resolution ~ Equality ~ Problem Solving

Business Boost workshops will help you break through the undermining views that hold you back – and provide you with the verve to get ahead.


Services for NGO’s;

Increase self-belief and raise self-esteem – bring your team to join the fun and games to optimise communication, increase trust, resolve conflict and share in peak experiences.

Kick the Habit and Confidence Boost workshops will fill your boots with all the focus and motivation you need to succeed.

Transformational training and bespoke personal development workshops can be arranged for clients and service users  who are in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and for those who are in transition from abusive relationships.

All of the above are available to management and staff along with Social Media training to put your services on the map!


Personal Development;

Transformational Breakthrough Training ~ smash your fears and insecurities to create long-lasting positive change to take into the rest of your life!

This is available to individuals (and groups) who have a wish to learn to reinforce positive thinking or are experiencing anxiety, stagnation, stress and/or  problems in their work or home life;

Firewalking ~ Glass walking ~ Board-Breaking ~ Rebar Bending

Radical Self-Defence for Women

Trauma Release & Deep State Relaxation


Reiki Attunement: Levels I, II and III


Social Media

If you’re struggling to get your head around it or have trouble making your web presence felt, business specific Social Media Coaching and Training for sole traders and small businesses, is only a phone call away.


Skype Coaching – by appointment when distance may be a barrier to attending workshops or when crisis hits!

A problem shared is a problem halved; if you’re feeling stuck, out of answers or lacking in confidence for the next job interview, it’s time to get in touch.

Life changes affect us all – the defining difference in whether you sail through it or not, is in the coping skills you possess – there’s no such thing as having too many!