Politicians Ain’t Got No Soul

by Lesley

Amidst campaigning politicians across the pond, Forbes online posted “The Lost Soul of Mick Romney” – the content of which discusses the media opportunity seized by Romney’s team to criticise the Obama administration.

To me it’s just another point-scoring match where the important stuff gets lost.

Irrespective of who’s to blame for this or that, both sides in the election stakes, either side of the Atlantic (and let’s face it, it’s usually a two-horse race) use whatever the current topic of debate is, to move in a court-room style towards technical wins; obfuscating the real issue in a process, which seems is designed to do exactly  that. Either that or it’s being used for this purpose by those who choose to do it.

It appears that no matter what the subject matter is, we become torn in two – with one choice or another. But there’s (at least) one fundamental thing wrong here – having to choose between two is not a choice, it’s a dilemma.

It forces a belief in people that it must be one way or another, eliminating all other possibilities as the biggest noise silences voices with alternative views and solutions.

What we end up with is division; and dividing any culture or country using religion, intolerance, class or hatred is never going to put things right. To move forward and to have a sustainable outlook for our children’s future, we need to work together, undivided – with each others’ welfare at heart, instead of exploitation being a prime motive.

We require something better than we’ve had before.

More people are aware and ‘awake’ than at any other time in history. Information is freely available yet the masses still exist in a bubble of conformity, materialism and dare I say it, soul-less-ness; the state of mind relied upon by those who have no soul themselves, to govern the rest of us.

Now before you switch off, assuming this to be a religious use of the word soul, I’d like to swap it for conscience. While not everyone agrees we have a soul, everyone knows what is meant by having a conscience. It’s that awareness of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ – of being conscious of your actions and impact.  It’s using integrity and wisdom to be positively discerning.

If politicians truly had conscience we would not be seeing the destruction of Amazon rainforests, of  indigenous cultures, of human life and of the planets’ resources. We could not go to war on another people, who have as much right to life as any other.

We would not be debating irrelevant issues of who said what, we’d be using the time to find solutions. We could then see technology put to good use in food production to eliminate famine, health reforms actually helping people and an absolute end to war.

We NEED soul.

At this point in time we need more people in positions of power to utilise their consciousness; to expand their awareness from black and white to colour, to know and trust that the welfare of people and planet, is placed before profit.

We as a race, absolutely need more people of every race, creed and colour with awareness and integrity, to step up to the plate.

To even contemplate long-term survival on this planet we humans are required now to raise our awareness levels to become compassionate towards every living thing; to realise that each one has a purpose in our food chains and water supplies and that together, working in harmony with nature we can look forward to continuing life on earth.

The only thing needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing

Edmund Burke

Nb. When I was young I thought politics had nothing to do with me. Later I understood that politics affects everything and everyone. As I grew older and wiser, I realised I wanted nothing to do with politics.

Many of us are conditioned to believe that only well-educated, middle-class people enter into a career of politics, perhaps failing to comprehend that everything that happens around us also impacts on us; rules and regulations set by governments and councils, empolyment and economics, health scandals and school closures.  This is politics. And it affects all of us.

Some people become politicised, or polarised between one and the other  unwittingly, while others willingly turn their back, care-less, dis-empowered and afraid to speak.

What is often overlooked is that the power we so easily ‘give away’ by doing nothing, collectively could create massive change.

What if we all said no? 

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