Open Letter To Our First Minister; Save North Ayrshire Women’s Aid

by Lesley

Open Letter to;
The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon
Katy Clark MP
Kenneth Gibson MSP
Margaret Burgess MSP
Margaret McDougall MSP

Dear First Minister,

I appeal to you both as a woman and in your political capacity as First Minister for Scotland to save the vital services of North Ayrshire Women’s Aid – the largest of its kind in Scotland, employing over 30 staff.

These services have been put up for tender – but with only a quarter of the staff who are presently employed. This means that support services for children, refuge and outreach workers are at risk of losing their jobs. This also places more women and children at risk of domestic abuse.

As a survivor of domestic violence and mother of two young children who found their voices through the children’s worker at North Ayrshire Women’s Aid, I find this completely unacceptable.

I’m sure you’ll be aware of the statistics;

• 1 in 5 women will experience domestic abuse
• 100,00 children and young people in Scotland are currently living with domestic abuse
• Over the last three years North Ayrshire Women’s Aid received 36900 requests for information and support, and 524 requests for refuge.

North Ayrshire is often overlooked but has areas of social deprivation, the lowest survival rate after retirement (Garnock Valley) and has few prospects of major change in the near future. We can only expect a worsening situation and further deterioration, as the stress of new austerity measures kick in. One of my big concerns is that if the largest of these services is decimated, others will follow.

A petition has been initiated and will be online fairly soon to encourage local support to save our services.  Please stand with us and ensure no loss of employment or services which protect women and assist children of North Ayrshire.

I look forward to a timeous reply, hopefully with your full support.

Kind regards,

Lesley Rodgers


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