MoonQuest; A Personal Experience

by Lesley

I am the Moon, I have hope in me.

I have no real reason for being jittery, touchy, irritable or anxious around different moon phases – and have coping skills aplenty should an issue arise.

So, it’s an infrequent surprise for me to find myself in a tense, anxious state; sometimes I wonder if it’s the Universe’s way of keeping me on my toes and in touch with the fact that a ‘wobble’ can strike any one of us at any time.

A wobble, as described by Brian Baptie of the British Geological Survey after March’s earthquake in Chile; “The earth is not rigid and movements of its constituent parts, including the atmosphere and oceans, occur. These effects introduce a wobble – a movement of the Earth’s axis – which is small but detectable”. (BBC News)

This wobble shows us that the earth is susceptible to losing her balance if we go beyond the tipping point; that’s pretty much the same for any one of us!

So what’s this wobble all about?

Bringing this to a personal level it’s about agitating the nervous system to elicit a change in my thinking and/or behaviour. I often discover that a new moon or a full one brings with it a new attitude or some kind of learning.

I have no idea at these times specifically what that means for me, but with enough attention paid to the happenings of the next few days, I’ll find out! The rinse cycle will begin shortly after.

I believe that this wobble happens on a global scale; people all over are feeling agitated but perhaps assign the tension to other environmental factors, with plenty good reasons too.

Every layer of society has something to fear – their own loss! This makes each and every one of us vulnerable.

Stepping it up a gear further; perhaps the entire earth is responding to crisis – and vice versa…

What if as we term the earth as a mother, with a body that we can not only think and feel for Her but we could actually intuit Her cries for help? After all this time of senseless, greedy rape and pillaging of her resources and aggressively claiming what’s ‘ours’, we could hear if we really put our minds to it.

For years I’ve talked about how oil being extracted from the earth is akin to drawing out synovial fluid; that to ease the movements of tectonic plates She, the Mother, needs this vital fluid to survive and thrive.

The surface is like the skin; volcanic where the toxins are released like pus-filled boils; explosive fiery poisons which could be likened to anger and hatred from deep within.

I’m sure by now, we’re all aware of the term ‘lungs of the planet’ that’s given to rainforests – I could go on but at this point feel the need to ponder if we really are made up of all the same salts, minerals and directly relative proportions of water etc.

If this is so, why would we remain unaffected by the moon or its gravitational pull, when the great rivers and oceans are governed by them?

When we can enter the place of no-being through meditation or even just walking in natural surroundings, it feels like we are (I am) easily and naturally tuned to possibility; the ‘could be’s’ and the ‘what if’s‘. We are able to sense without the guidance of thought. We hear and see, we feel and know.

This is the place where we seek to restore balance, inner and outer: each one of us can find ourselves knowing exactly what has to be done and following its process through with conviction.

That there could be a solution to help ourselves before the planet finally gives out is a real possibility.

What if just once, we all listened to Her cries for help,  worked together with the positive advances of technology and sought to restore Her balance?

This wouldn’t be done with a ‘save the earth’ attitude because the reality is, the Earth will survive with or without us – it’s humans who’ll have trouble getting through the changes – we don’t adapt easily to change; it’s not until we face crises that we’re forced to re-think our ways.

Human greed and the seemingly uncontrollable urge to control will take us to a place of ‘no choice’ – but we always have choices!

Let’s not wait for crisis to force change; make a sustainable way of living today’s priority.


I am the sun, feel the warmth in me

This was originally published on Hubpages in 2010 with interesting responses from great Hubbers;

@thevoice: Great positive hub read, thanks.

@i scribble: I like your multi-level thinking in this provocative piece. I’m worried we may be beyond the tipping point already. I’ll check out some more of your stuff.

@msorensson:  Great hub and great analogy about mining oil :-)

@Ashmi: Hi Lesley…..nice hub!

If we look closely at Nature we will soon see that it constantly strives towards unity, balance and harmony. To restore the missing element is what Life strives for in order to continue in its upwards and onwards trend to ever higher forms of consciousness.

Life will carry on no matter what man does in its arrogant quest to dominate everything in its path. Man’s determination of bending Nature to suit its petty desires is extremely short-sighted and unsustainable. We are fighting life itself! Could anything be more insane?

However: this is how it should be, for taking into account all the factors, it cannot be otherwise. All is good in the end as there is no end to Life.

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