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A guest post from Jonathan L Trapman author of The Freedom Cycle

Karma ~

Let us get a little clarity here as so often less than clear comprehension leads to abuse, misuse and downright ignorance of the basic construction blocks of a great life…

Point No.1 – Karma
Karma cannot come quickly to a person near you, karma cannot be a thing delivered for services rendered. Karma is merely the Sanskrit for Action.

Action by itself is merely the execution of something. In itself it cannot bear quality, description or color apart from the mere statement that it is action. i.e the act of creation…

People who are not versed in Sanskrit take the vox pop usage of karma, (too many misuses to list) and use it to refer to anything that entails retribution, good things bad things, etc.

People talk of BAD KARMA and GOOD KARMA in terms of retribution or reward. Yet it is never, nor can it ever be in our remit to determine any outcome of ANY Karma committed. Simply, the committing of any action (Karma) holds a consequence that follows naturally and organically. In order that one’s life is filled with ever growing abundance of ‘good things’, it follows that if every action is committed for the benefit, credit, enhancement and increase of others then the requisite return will be ‘good things’ reciprocated to you (reward as unasked or expected) – this is often described in the acronym as STO (Service to Others)

Any actions taken for purely for selfish reasons, knowing harm to others and which impacts negatively on others in any way whatsoever delivers subsequent returns of a similar nature. These actions are commonly described by the acronym STS (Service to Self).

The arrogance of any individual to quantify or describe the due returns of committed Karma are simply a being endeavoring to foresee a picture far larger than they have comprehension of and engaging in an assumption of judgmental clap trap that only humans feel justified to engage in!

Therefore anyone wishing to live true to themselves and deliver their “package of involvement” on this mortal coil need merely observe and commit themselves to their best possible action in all capacities. Meaning thought, deed, response and participation. To be fully committed to deliver NO HARM to themselves or any other.

The most uncultivated area of knowledge is that of thought. Whereas so many think (oxymoron?) thought has little consequence, it does in reality contain the greatest karmic burden of all in existence, to get right.

Thought precedes action, is responsible for all action and holds the color and purpose of any action deeply etched into its manifest form. Since most of us are pretty unaware, choose to ignore or are consciously ignorant of the many thoughts passing through us day to day, we are at the mercy of all those conditioned, premeditated and borrowed habitual patterns of thinking we have taken on and regurgitate as our own ‘truth’ and described our lives as to be.

Becoming more and more conscious of what, how and to what degree we think, is a great step forward into delivering for ourselves and the world we pollute or populate with our total thought ocean, a clearer, cleaner, more loving and benign state of living, being and sharing.

So a good question to ask oneself is “What Karma am I committed to presently and is it increasing or decreasing to the world and myself?”

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