Independence – A Woman’s War

by Lesley

It’s been a tough week with harsh outcomes, so a time of rest and reflection was called for – and it’s all only now, making sense to me.

My thinking goes back to the Grandmother’s Fire Ceremony held in Roslin Glen by visiting Native American Grandmothers, where a woman guardian of the Templars spoke gently but with a stern warning; that there was indeed a war on, being fought at every level, the forces of which would stop at nothing to win. Recent events around me have been causing flashbacks which have made me sit up and take notice… I see some things as minor distractions while others are deliberately obfuscating truth – and worse; this assumed power has been abused by some closer to home.

Some of you will know that I often say things like; ‘you are not your mind’ or ‘there’s a battle on for your mind’ – and not without reason. The past week’s events have rocked the world of most forward-thinking people in Scotland, with a (questionable) ballot return in favour of remaining in the union, with Westminster still at the helm.

This didn’t sit well with me at all. I’d been in George Square, Glasgow from poll closing until the results were made known, with some of the strongest women I know – and some of the men whom I’d trust to stand with me if a situation required it. Streetcar The pipes are callingThe air was full of anticipation; throngs of people piped, sang and danced as we awaited the news that Scotland would be free.
Almost immediately after the results came in, I went into silent meditation – removing myself from phones, TV, Social Media and any other form of media that could interrupt my train of thought. We were not to achieve Independence on this day.
Initially I was probably in shock – disbelieving, followed by grief with a touch of despair and shame, but later coming to realise that this necessary (internal) process had to take place, for me to see clearly.

The clarity I sought wasn’t on the question of Independence – but on something much greater – and which affects all of us, in some way. I’ve said the referendum was more about social justice than any form of nationalism. I stick by that even though I know that divide and rule has won again; Friday night’s rampage through Glasgow city (mostly hidden from the wider world, apart from what leaked onto social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter), showed us how rigid the mindsets are of those who hold onto sectarianism, bigotry and hatred of difference.

The age-old argument to this type of nationalism (BNP / EDL / SDL) is that we should have kept Britain British – refusing entry to foreigners seeking asylum. My answer to this is that the British we speak of should stop invading these countries or funding wars by proxy, eliminating (or at least reducing the numbers of those needing refuge in a country other than their own).

The real battle begins here whether you’re a yes or a regretting no voter, for a more progressive, fairer and more just society.

We were voting to gain our independence as a separate state, but we were NOT voting to be independent as individuals; we already have that – we just sometimes fail to realise it when we follow the crowd.

I know this is nothing new but it IS a time to call together the Feminine – the nurturing, loving force which drives and shapes new life. I’m calling on Women (and men) to stand together, across cultures, age groups and any (perceived) barrier or difference – against oppression of all kinds. This is our calling at this time, to build bridges, forge friendships, unite and to call a halt to the destruction of mankind.

Only Mothers’ Love can overcome what we’re faced with – no longer am I entrusting such important progress with the male dominated, so-called leaders we have now.

Make no mistake about it – this is a Woman’s War – a war that wants to corrupt your thinking and steal your children to conduct wars in foreign countries, while pillaging in the imperial fashion, for resources. It’s a perpetual war for your mind and your money; shop / consume / dispose / shop / consume / dispose. The strategy behind this is to keep us all confused and busy surviving as austerity measures kick in for our most vulnerable, with plans afoot which will affect the rest of us too. The powers that be, want us ensnared into their traps. It’s up to us to wake up and stand up to their bullying tactics. We need to return to our core values, remembering what is truly important to us individually, as well as for the collective good.

The time has come for us women to lead the dance, we’ve being doing it for centuries – and we need to dance more; more in time and more in trust with each other, remembering that we are already free.

Burns Statue Saltire Catalonia

This ongoing war can’t be won with guns and bombs, only true love for our self, for our sisters, neighbours and for our planet, will correct the imbalance. Our sanity relies on us doing the right thing – feeling and responding from the heart; this earth, the place we call home, does too.

We women are the vanguards of the future – the body of truth lies within us, as do the connections to both the heavens and the earth. It’s up to us to protect our children and theirs, by securing a future that’s worth living in. We need no leaders or gurus, no-one in charge. We know from our hearts what needs to be done to make our kids safe; let’s strive towards joining hands across the divides, supporting each other every step of the way.

Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.

Lao Tzu

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