Hierarchy of Spiritual Needs

by Lesley

Achieving Inner Happiness …




Power / Justice

Coping skills / Love

Balance / Temperance

Information / Awareness


Information /Awareness;

Knowledge IS power! Without the root we would not have the flower.

This is the base for everything else.
Equip yourself with an abundance of information, use your senses and feel that which resonates for you. Integrate your truth by challenging the reasoning and motives for accepting these as truths. Practice alertness- it eliminates bullshit.


Extremists are found at both ends of the spectrum, because they are extreme – furthest from the mid point.
Working towards finding solutions means remaining balanced, being respectful of difference and never committing to something primarily for personal gain. Tempering the ego may be the most difficult to conquer.

Coping skills / Love

When we love, we care and vice versa.

When we apply love to a situation we hope to achieve a positive outcome. If we remember to do for the greater good of the situation, we can lift our spirits and those around us. We learn discipline and responsibility and are given choice in their usage.

Power / Justice

We each have personal power to use or abuse.

On this path we must instil a sense of fairness for all. Personal gain has no place here; unity, co-operation and equality will provide the solution.
True power is devolved power. Decisions are founded in clarity, drawing on balance and discerning with love and compassion.


As we atone for our mistakes in life, we develop a code of honour for ourselves.

We may consciously decide not to do it again. Learning this provides a clearer conscience. Inner conflict is resolved, we care not only for others but also ourselves to a much greater degree. We pay attention to how we feel, or how we will feel if… This leads us to compassion and understanding which can be applied to every scenario. We have developed a new sense, foresight!


The great and privileged state of being.

We are above being dented by the destructive ego of others or by the mundane. We are wonderfully creative in all of our focused abilities. This state may be perpetuated for long periods by revisiting and re-evaluating the lower levels; spiritual experiences are no longer few and far between, these are now everyday happenings. All life is love.

Lesley Rodgers 2004

Originally posted on Hubpages and is now the subject of a new book available on Amazon;

Spiritual First Aid ~ Finding Balance



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