Groundhog Day

by Lesley

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Life around Mars

After weeks of mulling over I’ve decided to post some of what I’ve been observing/ perceiving (and dare I say intuiting?); it’s felt like some kind of  shift in time.

I began talking about it earlier this week again to some friends who, all in a variety of ways, could identify with what I was saying.

I mentioned it first just over two weeks ago to a close friend, explaining that I was noticing things seemed to be going somehow backwards to go forwards.  I’d become aware of it through a number of coincidences and wondered if I was off on a mission again – maybe even looking to give meaning to something which wasn’t really there.

My feelings persisted as I saw how I’d been nudged to revisit areas of my life which I thought had closed, only to discover there was learning in the situation which I could use now to take me forward and into my next phase.

This notion has been completely supported by stories from friends who’ve gone as far as closing down a fifteen year old business to start afresh or have returned to their street of birth forty years on, to find peace.

Organisationally I see many taking what appear to be backward steps, in one case losing a full complement of staff and are surviving mainly by going back to how they started; utilising the skills of volunteers.

Each person I talk to about this has confirmed my theory; we’re moving backwards to go forwards – and it’s ok!

This so intrigued me I posed a question on Facebook asking which planets were in retrograde, as I know nothing of astrology. Within five minutes I had Mars as an answer, albeit a little uncertain but it made perfect sense (at a deep but little understood level) to me.

I Googled ‘retrograde’, and boy oh boy, was I amazed! I found Astrology on the Web and copied some of the description; exactly what I’d been noticing on different levels around me.

‎A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This traditional concept arises in the illusory planetary motion created by the orbital movement of the Earth, with relation to other planets in our solar system. It’s a bit like travelling on the road watching another car beside you: when the other car slows down, or you speed up, it looks as though the other car is moving backwards.

This post then links into Mars, the God of war,  another page full of pertinent information as it explains how Mars is also the ruling planet of my star sign, Aries, thus;

Passionate Mars is not a conscious force, but a subliminal drive: the urge to reproduce, to bring forth fruit.

Again this confirms to me movement or action is required to bring forth knowledge; only in this period of time, that motion is in reverse. We simply have to go back to remind ourselves of the lessons of the past, enabling us to move forwards in the present.

The information then goes on to say…

Astronomically, Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. Around half the size of the Earth, Mars has two small moons: Phobos (“fear”) and Deimos (“dread”), though these have no recognized astrological effect. Fear and loathing in the solar system perhaps?

…once again making perfect sense to me. What better to accompany conflict and war in our heads as well as in the world, than ‘fear’ and dread’?

Perhaps if we’re aware of this possibility we’ll pay attention to feelings of frustration and irritation when we’re trying to succeed in important tasks – releasing and realising the potential for change, instead of being held back by fear.

Take what you need from the learnings of the past and move on graciously; that was then, this is now.

Remember too, it’s all an illusion, whichever way you look at it.

I’m interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this ‘movement’ and will welcome your comments.

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