Firewalking to Freedom

by Lesley

The only one who stops you, is you.

Once you’ve discovered the how’s and why’s of yourself  you’ll realise you create your own reality … and life doesn’t just happen to you!

Walking on hot coals disproves the belief that fire always burns; with due care, attention and respect this is not always the case. However, it is not impossible to receive a ‘fire-kiss’ during the process as focus strays or self-doubt creeps in.

The term ‘fire-kiss’ describes little burns or tiny blisters which might form if embers get caught between toes and aren’t removed after walking or, more significantly, if the walker lacks full commitment during the crossing; perhaps as the ego takes over the inner knowing.

Everyone is required to give the pre-firewalk training and the fire, their full attention at all times.

I teach the Tibetan method of firewalking; in this discipline we raise our energy levels above that of the fire well in advance of walking it,  so that we may cross the coals safely. The choice to walk those coals is and always will be, the responsibility of the walker – only you will know if it’s the correct time to make that decision. No-one will force you, but you will be gently encouraged.

Assuming personal responsibility plays a huge part in the quality of our lives; we become disciplined and mindful of our thought, word and deed ~ immediately we become able to enhance self-care, relationships, new adventures and decision-making.

Undertaking your first firewalk has the added attraction of seeking more afterwards; more information, more knowledge and more challenges!

Who ~ participates in Firewalking workshops?

Anyone and everyone who wants to re-discover their personal power, reclaim their confidence and those who wish to take full responsibility in and for, their lives.

Attendees are usually required to be over 21 years of age. All participants must be drug and alcohol free to take part in both the training and the firewalk itself.

What ~ is it all about?

I’ve been asked if it’s a trick, if it’s mind-over-matter, if it’s spiritual and many other similar questions. My answer is now almost always the same; fire-walking is whatever you want it to be. It can be used to overcome fears, phobias, issues  and traumas of the past which still haunt the host – enabling people to move onto the next phase of their life with less baggage.

I use processes during training to help people self-identify and move through barriers to achieving their dreams, their life purpose and/ or re-discover their sense of value and worth as a human being; something many of us don’t even realise we’ve lost.

For me it’s a very practical transformational tool which gives me the opportunity to change my attitude to that which no longer serves. The sense of being power-full, instead of power-less allows me to release the old and embrace the new.

Fire walking also permits me to reclaim my personal power over fear: enabling me to move forward in my endeavours with self-belief, trust and confidence. There are also testimonials available so that you can judge for yourself what others have taken away with them.

Where ~ do these firewalks take place?

My public firewalks usually take place in Ayrshire but can be brought to you almost anywhere in the UK and beyond, if the conditions are appropriate.

Why ~ would anyone want to walk on hot coals?

My automatic reply is ‘why not?’ but I realise I have a bias!

Many people come to the workshops to gain confidence; albeit they have no idea how that is going to be achieved at the start of the day. Some are curious about the physics so want to try it for themselves and others attend knowing exactly what they want from the session; whether that be motivation, releasing negativity or seeking skills to adapt to changing circumstances.

Most who take up the challenge to walk on fire attend because they want a new set of experiences, sometimes not realising they are self-actualising; creating a peak experience for future reflections and attaining a greater degree of  faith in reaching their own potential.

Quite simply, firewalking provides a lifetime supply of self-belief.

Public firewalking events which are usually planned during the summer months will delight your senses: helping you to find your true, empowered self. Each walk has a different focus, altho’ the outcomes will be very similar ~ happy smiling faces, with bright shining eyes filled with vitality and confidence. Private ceremonies can be arranged for individuals or small groups.

When it’s your time, choose the firewalk with the focus most suited to your interests.

When ~ is the right time to do this?

Whenever you feel the need to find your inner strength, courage, confidence and/or self belief. We can normally sense in advance of when we’ll need those skills, but we rarely pay attention until we hit crisis.

Unfortunately for us, crisis forces change – the one thing which terrifies most people. However, there is no need to wait for it; using transformational tools and building self-belief before impending change, will enable you to move more smoothly through the process.

Only you will know when the time is right for you.

Solo and group firewalks can be arranged for those who;

  • take their growth seriously
  • want to change their lives
  • want to boost their self-belief
  • want to achieve their full potential
  • want to recover or kick unhealthy habits
  • want to confront and / or heal their past
  • want to break their barriers to succeeding
  • want to walk into their future with confidence

The first step in changing any part of your life is having the desire to make that change – this is the want, mentioned above. If you don’t have that, you won’t achieve anything.

Fire walking is a life-changing experience ~ expect nothing less!

Nb. All of my firewalks are delivered with personal development in mind and will run over the course of a day; I do not conduct car-park firewalks!

To arrange a date for a fun, life-changing peak experience for yourself or your group, contact

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