Feeling The Agitation Yet?

by Lesley

We live in interesting times, for sure.

The whole world is changing; nothing is as it was even forty years ago…

Rainforests are lost to us; gone are flora and fauna that may have saved lives. Animal species have become extinct, even more are under threat. We have sophisticated weaponry; ‘surgical’ striking M51 nuclear missiles, ‘invisible’ cloaking and robot dogs  for use against each other, without conscience – technology has taken a giant leap and yet children the world over are dying of hunger and live in dire poverty.

We’ve cut down our trees and allowed corporations to pollute our water; our two main life support systems, ruined by capitalism and materialism. We’ve claimed them as our own to mis-use and abuse – but at what cost?

Throughout time there have been protagonists and antagonists; learned and respected people – elected at times, to represent the best interests of their peers. Sometimes, un-elected free-thinkers guided others by encouraging questioning the status quo.

This has possibly become more evident now with the incredible availability of information available via the internet and social media platforms making it much more accessible; actively encouraging communication and debate on topics which would once have been ‘difficult’ to discuss.

Those leading the opposition are often called the ‘left’ (strangely asserting some kind of assumption about the authenticity of  ‘right’). These are the activists who have vision and see not only the present destruction, but also long-term effects.

These are the people who ‘do’ – they know they can’t wait for policy change or awareness to rise – they have to make that happen; they are compelled ‘do’ the job themselves, change policy by raising awareness in the masses… but it doesn’t come easy.

This is where Schopenhauer’s Three Stages of Truth become most apparent; first ridicule, then violent opposition and finally acceptance.

As more and more people realise what’s happening, of how their Rights are being diminished, of how they feel about their own power in world situations – or whether that’s about saving dolphins from slaughter in Taiji Bay or recognising the lies of the Blair government (predecessors and successors included now) – as they’ve illegally and immorally invaded countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s taken time, but the truth is out there, it has emerged and it will keep on rearing its head until every last person realises how damaging and cancerous we – the people – have become, by being complicit in their crimes against humanity.

Activists get a hard time from people who neither understand nor wish to acknowledge what’s going on, right under their noses. It suits the rest to dismiss an activist’s claim because primarily or indirectly, that person will be benefitting from the corporation or the system which supports it.

In ten or twelve years I’ve observed all of this happening; it’s happened to me personally and a number of my friends, yet time and again, our insights have been proven to be correct.


Plenty other stuff is also going on;  people who may not describe themselves as activists are creating change in a different way – they are the whistleblowers outing malpractice, naming and shaming the games of power and corruption. Some are investigative journalists while others are community members, asking their Councillors or MP’s questions.

They are the agitators. They agitate the impurities in our society like they’re washing out stained clothing.

These are people who sometimes have clout and have gone into and carry out their jobs with the utmost dedication, to improving the well-being of others. They cannot bear the injustices they witness, so fight for and with the underdog. I believe they’re the anarchists within the system.

Probably much of the agitation is under-valued and rarely credited, yet without recognising the importance of agitation and activism, change would be even slower than we see it now.

In other words, they’re both agitating the status quo and they’re equally valuable, if we’re to move into a more compassionate future.

We live in times when we are all crying out for change; a time when we need to be active, to be ‘doing’ something to improve our chances of survival on this planet and more immediately, our chances of surviving the enforced austerity by those who wish to divide our loyalties and keep us from uniting into one helluva powerful force.

Think about how many times in a day you see or hear propaganda for one thing or another; usually leading us into fear or a false dichotomy; that we have only two choices, this OR that.

Don’t be fooled – there are always many more options – we just need to open our minds (and our hearts) to explore them.

When we acknowledge or understand this, it’s our duty to ensure those alternatives are presented in such a way that everyone can relate to them; by re-introducing human into humanity and passion into compassion.

We must learn to be grateful for what we have and become unafraid of sharing; sharing wealth, sharing information and most of all, sharing care.

We are not separate – we rely on interdependence to survive and together we are not power-less, we are power-full.


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