Double Standards; Standard for UK Government

by Lesley

Firstly I’m going to apologies in advance for my rant and for any poor punctuation; I’m so angry that I’m just going to write as I see it.

Today my balance has been upset by two things, both youth and government related; both detrimental to our youth and both government generated.

First I was shocked to see this;

In times of austerity there’s a two million pound boost for increasing military presence in schools to target unruly and possibly vulnerable children;

“Underprivileged children and those who have been expelled from school are among those targeted by the schemes, in Kent, Cheshire, Newcastle and Merseyside.”

This article reeks of grooming children into the military from an early age – increasing the chances of some at least, who will go on to adopt a full military lifestyle.

What it doesn’t say is that these kids probably won’t be officer material – they’ll be used as cannon fodder in the way they’ve always been; disposable!

Now I hear some of you say ‘the youth of today need discipline – they need to have respect instilled’ – and of course, this will be the argument used to divide and conquer the masses.

Instead of disciplining the wayward child the old cherry blossom enema-type way – why don’t we try to understand where the issue comes from and work the problem?

What you won’t hear from many sources is that we’re in fact endangering the lives of our youngsters. At worst we risk them coming home in body bags after fighting for what – oil? At best they’ll be traumatised killing machines for the rest of their lives.

Why would we want to encourage our kids to kill?

No longer are we lulled into thinking we’re being patriotic to fight in far-off lands for their resources or to save us from WMD. The majority of people now can see much more clearly than before but many are reliant on finding a job, when there are very few around.

The armed forces have a tendency to glorify their existence to defend it; they are only too keen to promote their ‘wares’ in shopping centres and colleges when there’s a recruitment drive on.

In my opinion, the end result of this type of support to schools is pointing us in a particular direction; conscription – and I’m not happy about that one little bit. There are many other ways to find solutions, boot camp isn’t one of them!

What if we said said ‘No’?

The second blip of the day to offset my equilibrium, is this.

You tell me what’s wrong with it,  I’m too enraged to spend any more time on it tonight… (sorry but you’ll have to click on the picture below to see the actual screengrab)

Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.

Edmund Burke.



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