Celebrity Absolution … So Miley Cyrus Has Issues

by Lesley

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Red CarpetThe HuffPost reports a confession in a UK newspaper; Miley Cyrus now of inappropriate ‘twerking’ fame, says she’s got issues.

No shit Sherlock! But don’t feel alone Miley, more than half the world’s teenage population – who know you’re name and every last movement you’ve made – aspire to being pretty much like you; a glittering star of international fame.

The shame of it all is that celebrities rarely seem to consider the impact their performances have on vulnerable, copy-cat teens, especially I suppose, when they’re not out of their teenage years themselves.

Sex sells, no doubt about it – but can we expect Miley to know that not all publicity, is good publicity?

Is it her responsibility to lewdly strut her stuff on stage to ensure record sales, or is that her manager’s decision and guidance?

I haven’t seen a manager stick their head above the parapet in this one, so it looks like she’s taking the flack on her own. My guess is that nobody’s willing to step up and say they choreographed it for her.

If, in this article Miley is as screwed up as she says she has, how’s she going to fix it?

Her busy life fulfills her need to be successful – but at what cost? She admits to being a work-alcoholic, resting only for short periods and living life on the road for much of the time.

Reportedly in her own words –

“All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me ­because I can sleep for just 45 minutes — I’m used to it,” Cyrus explains, adding that her diet and exercise routine is non-existent. “Because I work so much, I’m always on the road so I eat healthily. I have to give my body what it needs to keep going and if you don’t then you will crash and burn. I don’t get to work out,” she continues. “I do yoga and 30 push-ups every day and try to get my mind right.”

Well clearly Miley, something in that mind, ain’t quite right, going by your last performance. But hey, reflection is good – it’s simply unfortunate that kids in the audience and a million odd viewers at home, witnessed your growth spurt, showing us exactly how mature you really are. If you continue to pursue this kind of marketing to sell your records, we can expect to see you in a few years, having a major breakdown or emerging from a recovery center, because you still had issues..

If she’s left alone to fix it, she’ll eventually find her way – but if she’s guided by her need for sales and approval from her fan-club, this might take a very long time.

Transformational training would help her achieve a sense of self – without the need to exploit or let her ego take control, providing her with feelings of true personal power; a knowing from within. Finding balance will prove to be the best thing for her.

Being regularly in the public eye, she’s going to have to carve her path wisely; deciding for herself  how she proceeds.

I’d hoped she would take responsibility and learn from her mistake, which appears to be the case and I really hope she embarks on a journey to herself; finding out who she really wants to be. She’s a lucky one, in a privileged position to do so. There are so many things she could do to improve her self, her well-being and to help her maintain clarity and integrity as an artist.

But, like everyone else, she’ll do exactly as she wants; it’s whatever the strongest desires are. If it’s to be something different she’ll change; she’ll choose another way. If she wants more of the same, with all the benefits (already accrued) she’ll stay the same.

Good luck Miley, I wish you the very best – make your choices count for you.

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