Guest Writers

From time to time I’ll be sharing stories of interest from others whom I believe, have a message for us all…

Urban Explorers

by Lesley

Urban Explorers written by Violet Macdonald All around us there is a hidden world drenched in history we have forgotten. Buildings, monuments, waste lands and tunnels that were once bursting with life and are now desolate. Abandoned and left for nature to re-claim they faded from memory. All of them tell a story that deserves […]

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By Ian Fox… It’s sad that on the BBC news this morning it said more people are consuming more caffeine than ever before. They reported that a leading coffee shop chain in the UK is adding an extra shot of espresso to many of its drinks, because customers are demanding a stronger cup. According to […]


The dictionary’s definition of laughter is ‘an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement,’ but to me it is a great deal more than that. In my opinion, laughter is a crucial part of life, a necessity and the key to true happiness. It is not just ‘an expression,’ it defines who you are. Laughter […]


Being Disabled My name is Leanne. I am 31 years old, rapidly approaching 32. I am petite, I am generally satisfied with my body size, I have been told I am attractive and, whilst my reflection can, on occasion, repulse me, I generally think that I am an attractive person. In fairness, I  have had […]