About Lesley

Lesley Rodgers

Over a decade ago I wanted to make change in my life; I needed  to reclaim my power as an individual and feel confident and free. I was ready to accept full responsibility for my life so I began searching …

After a few years of working with oils and relaxation, in 1996 I took up the internal martial art of Tai Chi, later turning to a harder style of Chi Gung – Firewalking – and immediately I was hooked.

One year later in 1999 with too many coincidences to mention here, I trained with Peggy Dylan & Simon Treselyan and became Scotland’s first female Firewalking Instructor, likened by my teachers to our best known warrior, William Wallace.

I use what works!

Much of what I’ve learned has come from personal experience – challenging my own beliefs and finding a path of recovery. This is a continuous learning curve, especially when combined with dissolving trauma and breaking the patterns of a lifetime.

My workshops are designed to raise awareness of self responsibility and to provide life coping skills. I utilise all of my knowledge & talents in developing, organising and presenting these exciting facilitated days of personal growth.

I’m a qualified Firewalk Instructor, Holistic Therapist, NLP Practitioner & Reiki Master/ Teacher and Intuitive Problem Solver. I feel it’s my purpose in this lifetime to accelerate my own personal development and help those who choose to walk with me.

I believe we all suffer the same insecurities; we each have the same fears and the issues in the tissues need exorcised once and for all – no more tears for fears!

I am nothing more than a catalyst; a catalyst for change. I don’t teach anyone anything they don’t already know at some level.

I’m only reminding people of their own, inherent knowledge.