Breakthrough Training

For Professionals

With International Confidence Coach

Lesley Rodgers

IHG Vienna

Those who know how to think need no teachers. Gandhi

Personal Development = Personal Responsibility

In a fast moving world we need to pace ourselves and find balance, in order to maintain our mental and physical health. We can do this by fostering attitudes until they become habit - or we can take a short cut, straight to Personal Power. 

By design, Lesley's style of training cuts through negative belief patterns, dignity at work issues and situations of conflict. Each workshop encourages introspection and reflection of our impact in work, at home and in the wider community. 

If we wish to have a positive influence on others, we must first know ourselves. 

That means knowing what makes us tick AND what stops us in our tracks. It's also vital to have skills in place for when change strikes; when we run out of coping skills, we're in danger of becoming stuck - or worse.  

With elements of stress management and a focus on developing trust, Breakthrough Training aims to reach and address core issues of anxieties of fear and lack of - those ideas that we are not good enough, don't have the skills or indeed, any other personal limitation we set, by developing the individual and bringing a new level of understanding to the team. 

By challenging current thinking we open up new possibilities, new opportunities and new relationships. We generate new ideas and improve practice, at the same time bringing the feel-good factor back into work.

These workshops engender deeper levels of trust, improve competence and communication within and across departments, while also reducing stress and absenteeism in the process. 

Transformational Training & Personal Development is most definitely the way forward in overcoming the barriers which stop us from making healthy, positive choices in our lives...

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Unleash your potential...

Nothing can stop you - but you!

Lesley has a track record of working with management and staff in a wide variety of settings including; HMP Service, SCVO, CVO, Save the Children, Momentum Scotland and Social Services, with over ten years experience in Personal Change Management.

Health Centre Manager, HMP Glenochil, Scotland

"Thanks for the training days. Feedback after the events was fantastic in that all the staff really enjoyed the days and would love the opportunity to do this again.

A few weeks on, the atmosphere and teamwork has vastly improved with a much more motivated staff group. If I have spare money later this year, early next, then I may come back to you for another session just because they enjoyed it and to keep team spirit up.

Once again thanks very much and look forward to working with you again in the future."