500 Words to Inspire

by Lesley

A while back I was asked to share  500 words to inspire for Inspire Me Today. These are the words I wrote on the wisdom I’ve gained…

Learn to accept and love all things; sure, see what’s different but remember what’s similar.

Appreciate the beauty and wisdom of diversity but remain aware that we rely upon collaboration to exist; competition divides and conquers.

True personal empowerment comes from balance.

Each one of us has value and a purpose on this earth – make it your life-mission to discover your middle path of tolerance, moderation and compassion; learning and loving en route.

Create the space for positive change; re-build confidence and self-worth, no matter where you’ve come from.

Irrespective of our past, showing self-love and self-care enables us to expand those nurturing qualities towards others and circulates positive energies with a massive rippling effect. Take time to develop you, no-one else can do it for you!

We are the vehicles for the change we wish to see.

We the people steer the course; we are the driving force. We’re at the helm of every decision made in our name – ensure that your voice is heard and your presence is felt.

Investing in people is the most powerful and rewarding work.

By empowering and equipping the self with balance we automatically permit outward loving attention to all things. Invest in your ‘self’ and observe corresponding reactions; soon you will see previously hidden depths of love and compassion all around.

No growth without assistance. No action without reaction. No desire without restraint.

Learn from others; allow your ‘certainties’ to be challenged. Remember that whatever you cause, will have an effect somewhere along the line. Check your motivations and be patient, for everything comes at exactly the right moment in time.

Ama e fa’ ciò; che vuoi; Love, and do what you want.

A Roman proverb which speaks volumes: with love as a primary motivation we can do no harm.

To thine own self be true.

Listen to the calling from within; allow no-one and no-thing to distract you from the peace which comes from following the judgement of your heart. Speak your truth quietly and clearly.

Become fully you.

Release your inhibitions, fears and anxieties and feel centred in a perfect circle of love. Realise your full potential; discipline and push yourself to achieve your heart’s desires. Remember too that we are always ‘becoming’ something – make the decision to become the person you wish to be. Then, just BE – slip into authenticity and honour your ‘self’, your thoughts and your dreams.

Reach for the heights of attainment; work hard but take time to reflect and correct.

Reclaim Your Personal Power – nothing can stop you but you.

“By saying ‘I cannot’ one does not go far. Action is necessary in order to remove the veil of ignorance. Where the search for Truth is really genuine, there can be no failure.” ~ Matri Vani (Volume 2).

Spiritual First Aid – Finding Balance was unfinished but published shortly after, which is also available at Amazon.com.

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