November 2013

It’s great to see Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith highlight the social skills recognition we need in a modern, working environment in her post “The 20 People Skills You Need To Succeed At Work” – I couldn’t agree more! You’d expect that we all possess those skills, simple as they sound – and inherently I believe […]


I recently attended NHS certificated training on ARBD – Alcohol Related Brain Damage – because some of my clients have been, or are affected by it and my interest lies in understanding ARBD and its symptoms. Initially I thought it would inform my workshops better – in fact, I was so shocked by the presentation, […]


A while back I was asked to share  500 words to inspire for Inspire Me Today. These are the words I wrote on the wisdom I’ve gained… Learn to accept and love all things; sure, see what’s different but remember what’s similar. Appreciate the beauty and wisdom of diversity but remain aware that we rely […]


The Focus and the Fire Firewalk – by Mark Corner (@markcoruk )  Doing a Fire walk is something I’ve often thought about doing, but I haven’t participated in one yet. However, it seems that is all about to change. On the 30th November 2013  a firewalk is being held at the Robin Hood Centre in […]