June 2012

Growing as a person is great fun although most people probably see it a task or a chore. Or maybe that just comes down to personality types! Personal development simply means to develop the ‘self’ – the being which resides in you, screaming to be released. It’s self-improvement, from wherever you’re at. For some people, […]


What started out to be a small e-book has taken almost a year to write, edit and re-write, turning itself into 30,000 words of experience and Spiritual First Aid – perhaps the first (and maybe the last!) of my published work. Putting these words on ‘paper’ has been quite a gruelling task – and one […]

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Falling in and out of love is a magical, yet such a subjective topic… … although, I’m sure there are common themes which run through most ‘loving’ relationships. Being in love is a state most of us achieve at some point in our lives – we feel ecstatic; buzzing with energy and filled with positive […]

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Celebrity Juice

by Lesley

… is leaking out all over the place! It might be a little controversial for me to comment on individuals or their behaviour, but having a teenager at home means I get to watch all sorts of TV programmes I’d otherwise not give the time of day to. Recently I’ve been subjected to 90210, Made […]