September 2011

A changing climate

by Lesley

I’ve just returned home from a learning trip to Uist, probably most famous for ‘Whisky Galore‘  in the Outer Hebrides to find out more about how the local communities on the islands are coping with our changing climate. As part of my own local Trust, this visit was also useful in highlighting the problems island […]


 If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is. (Cambridge Dictionaries Online) It’s a scary thing being fully you; it means committing to the things you truly believe in, perhaps even standing up to authority over those beliefs. It may also mean that if you’re naturally shy and happy to […]


We Want To Work

by Lesley

As soon as I was asked to write an article for We Want 2 Work I thought, ‘Great, a little bit of empowerment to help people get back into a working environment; we all want to work.’…then I remembered that this is so much harder than it was, even as little as a few months […]


Sometimes a little guidance goes a long way to reducing stress and anxiety. This audio file was created for a particular group of clients in Glasgow who were working through addiction issues. This is also the group who first talked about the  Ruckskip. We met for a full day every week for eight weeks with […]


Depression is a sign that something needs to change in your life – it may be situational, it may be something out with your control… it may even be your attitude. Seek the cause of your distress and decide to find & work towards the solutions; resolving things to your satisfaction. This was my Facebook […]


The Ruckskip

by Lesley

A few years ago I was working with a group in an area of Glasgow that has a very rough reputation. Every week for eight weeks we had a full day together on my contracted personal development course , so we got to know each other fairly well. The group had shared issues, each one […]